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Political Humor.

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Political Humor?[edit]

Yes, political humor, the practice of using politics for humorous purposes. Political humor was invented by Jon Stewart, who we believe received help from the Cyborg Ghost of Zombie Jesus. The concept was thought up, built and completed all in one long sleepless night. Work on it’s construction was done in between periods of harmless recreational drugs and hating Republicans.

Political Humor…[edit]

Political humor’s popularity continues to remain high simply because Jon Stewart and his clone, Stephen Colbert are funny as hell. This is unfortunate, because Magic Science has proven that they are, in fact, the only two humans on earth capable of transforming something depressing and boring into something funny. This fact is driven home whenever people online attempt to create political humor of their own. The sheer lack of talent or creativity put on display by these… hey… what are you doing in my house?! OH GOD!

We apologize for the author of the above text. He has been found guilty of Crimethink against mediocre George W. Bush jokes, and has been thusly executed by pinko commies that run the internet. For your convenience, we have completed this article in ways Doubleplusgood to our glorious leader.

Political Humor![edit]

Political humor is the best thing since sliced bread! Especially when it consists completely and totally of saying random things about George W. Bush! That never gets tired or old! Never.

Can I Make My Own Political Humor?[edit]

Sure! Just follow the following guidelines, and everything will be fine!

  • Bush Jokes
Anything you say about George W. Bush is immediately a comedic goldmine! Lewis Black is living proof, as all he has to do is shout "BUSH IS STUPID!" to receive an uproarious applause. Because of the true-ness of the awesome fact that must never be disputed, you don't even have to expend wretched effort on things like actually being funny! Just put up a picture of Bush and say something like "HE IS DUMB AND HITLER!!!1one" if anything at all, George Bush has given our humorists, big and small, a chance to Just plain stop trying.
  • Be Topical
If you feel the need to use something other than a Bush joke (Which, from the looks of things right now, very rarely happens), be sure that your comment is on the cutting edge of current events. Like saying Al Gore Invented the Internet, or better yet, YEARRRGGH!!
  • Know Your Audience

If you're on the internet, and chances are this is True, know your audience. Pick up on the subtle nuances of internet speak, paying close attention to phrases such as LOL, ROFLOL, ROFLOLCOPTERWTF, and of course the penultimate statement:ROFLOLCOPTEROMGWTFBBQFDAAPPROVED.

POlitIcal huMOr[edit]

This type of humor involves using humor that appeals only a conservative base. The problem with this is that conservatives have no humor unless it is an attack on a democrat or the ACLU. The innovator with this method is the Half Hour News Hour. There jokes include but are not limited to

  • "Obama is black"
  • "Obama's initials are BO"
  • "Obama will ruin the nation"
  • "Obama wants the terrorists to win"
  • "Obama is a terrorist"
  • "Obama sounds like Osama"
  • this is real

More POlitIcal huMOr[edit]

  • "Hillary Clinton will be the next President"
  • "Hillary Clinton is a sickness and will destroy our healthcare and casue riots"
  • "John Edwards is a faggot"
  • "The terrorist hate us because we have freedom"
  • "John Kerry doesn't know what is like to be a soldier"
  • "Jon Edwards gets haircuts"
  • "The ACLU wants us all to be pinko commies"
  • "Support our Troops or you want them to die"
  • "Democrats want us to lose in Iraq"
  • "Democrats are actually against the war"
  • "Democrats have ever intention to cut funding for the war"
  • "Democrats have been in power for 3 months and the terrorist still haven't conquered America"
  • "Nancy Pelosi is a woman therefore she can't be a leader"
  • "{Insert joke about Nancy Pelosi's name}

Political HUMOR!![edit]

Now get out there are make us proud!