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An example of how political parties are made; a Communist Party.

A political party is actually not a party at all, and instead consists of various highly intelligent people who come together working for the best of their respective country, putting aside all personal wants. These dedicated individuals are often known as saints for their truthful manner. Political Parties often hold meetings on Sunday mornings, and always raise money for the needy, and never for party gain.

Something that you must always remember is that Democrats and Republicans are the only people you can vote for, even if they're both idiots. This was proven by the 2004 election where Curious George and some other idiot ran for president and people actually voted for either one of them.

The following are some of these selfless groups.

By Ideology[edit]

Left-Wing Parties

Moderate Parties

Right-Wing Parties

Drunken Parties


Ape Shit Crazy Parties

By country[edit]

Australian Parties that Have Funny Sounding Names

British Parties that Are Better than You

Canadian Parties that May or May Not Make Sense

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