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A complete mess

Political figures of Romania[edit]


A 1950 photocopy of an altar erected by the Romans to honor Burebista, dated 100 BC

Burebista (aka "the eternal", Burebista the hairy, Borosh Pishta) 1002BC -90something BC

Burebista was a great Dacian ruler, some call him the man who created the modern Romanian drinking habit. He was the one that encouraged, through his progressive views, the production of hard alcohol, by destroying the local wine production units (LWPU). The alcoholic Dacian population had no other alternative than to distill all of their belongings. The result was Ţuică.

Burebista is also the most free server from hotline community.


Ceausescu was one of the greatest kings of Romania. No one knows where he was born, but the rumour is that his mother left him in the jungle, and that he was adopted by a wild pack of communists. At the age of 7, he learned the communist language, and started to use it. He was then voted king of the jungle, taking the lions place.

Elena, a brainless atomic mutant. Isn't she sweet?

When he was 21, he found a strange egg near a dogs nest. The egg then hatched, and Elena, a brainless atomic mutant, came out. It was love at first sight! They got married, and went in Bucharest for the honeymoon. There, they made 5 children: Richard Nixon, Ali Baba, Che Guevera, The Pope and Bill Gates.

No one knows how, but the Ceausescu couple became king and queen of Romania; the first law they made was that the Rumanians work twice as hard.

With the left overs from their nose picking they erected many monuments and that's why their capital, Bucharest, is "muci" - "wonderful" in English. In the late 80's Ceausescu feared that he would soon be overthrown from the throne so he employed great shamen from beyond many mountains and many seas (Iraq, Serbia) to perform dark rituals to make him even more powerful. He paid them in food and he paid them so richly that no food was left in the country.

That's why on the 25th of December 1989, Ceausescu was eaten by a wild pack of newly hatched Romaniancannibals. And that was the end of one of the greatest kings of the jungle.

Stefan cel Mare[edit]

Stefan cel Mare (Stefan the Great) was the most important ruler of Moldova, a part of Romania. He killed turks for pleasure with a little wooden blade. He killed about a million Turks and then got bored and killed himself once there was no Turk alive. Basically, a sadistic fuck.

Sometimes credited as Andreea Marin.

Stefan cel Mare is also known for his large number of offsprings (around 100 of those little bastards). Their name is Vaivoda (meaning - oh, my lord), the shout that his women made of pleasure. The reasons for so many children was simple. Moldova was always at war, whether with turks, poles, tatars, hungarians or between themselves. Therefore every time moldovian soldiers went to war, Stefan was left to deal with their women.


Teoctist was the last patriarch anointed by Ceausescu (notorious SRI member, but ponderate one - if so is possible) as head the Romanian Orthodox Church, even though he was known to use un-orthodox ways to become a priest. He failed 3 times to his exams, trying to prove to his teachers how much he like being a theology student. Satisfied for his perfomance his examiners decided to take a break while our beloved student was trying to figured out the ins and outs of the holy books. He also lead "MISA" in absence of Guru.

Although he seems to be liked by old people, there is an explantion for that. Romanians are known for their amazing ability to see good in bad by saying "Dracul nu e atat de negru" (The Devil is not that black as it would seem). In fact considering Teoctist was one of the last political figure from the communist age, we could say that the Devil is in fact more or less red.

Gigi Becali[edit]

a true warrior

a.k.a. "The light warrior" (in original "razboinicul lumini")

"Economically speaking, you su*k my di*k" ("iei muie, ba" in original) - Jiji Bekaly speaking to a journalist 10 July 2005. This is true. Original transcript, translated, below. Note that necrophilia is a rather common wish in Romania - "futu-ţi morţii mă-tii" (fuck your mother's deads) being heard from churches to universities.

Reporter: Subiectul se referea si la o poveste cu anexele jucatorilor, contractele la anexele contractelor jucatorilor si vroiam sa va intreb date legat de prima parte, legat de amendamente. Ce veti face? (The subject was referring also to a story about the players contracts, contracts to the annexed parts of the players contracts, and I wanted to ask you about the first part, about the ammendaments. What are you going to do?)

Gigi Becali: Legat de prima parte, imi sugi pula tu si Dan Voiculescu, si toata Antena 1, si toti muncitorii de acolo, si tu primul mi-o sugi. Asa sa scrii, da!? Asa sa spui, minca-mi-ati pula Baga-mi-as pula in toata Antena voastra. Da? Inregistreaza. Baga-ti-ai pula in ma-ta si baga-mi-as pula in toata familia lui Dan Voiculescu si a ta si la toata Antena 1. Baga-mi-as pula sa-mi bag in toata familia voastra de zdrente. Futu-va neamu-n gura sa va fut Imi sugeti pula voi toti, in frunte cu Dan Voiculescu, da? Reporter (calm): Domnu' Becali, imi cer scuze... (Excuse me, mr. Becali...)

Gigi Becali: Imi sugi pula tu, baga-ti-ai pula in ma-ta! Baga-mi-as pula in familia voastra, futu-va mortii-n gura de zdrente si de hoti. Ba, ce pula mea vreti, ba, comunistilor, f...-va neamu in gura sa va fut. Ba, imi sugeti pula! Uite asa sa-i spui lui Dan Voiculescu si lui Oancea, si lu' toata Antena 1 de stiri a voastra, si sa-mi bag pula in toti mortii vostri! (Suck my cock, may you fuck your own mother! Fuck your family, fuck you, you beggars and thieves! What the fuck do you want with me, you communists, suck my cock with your whole families! Hey, suck my dick! Tell it just like this to Dan Voiculescu and Oancea and your whole news Antena 1, and I'd also fuck all your dead relatives!)

Reporter: Nu stiu de ce sinteti asa suparat. Daca puteti sa-mi raspundeti, eu v-am intrebat politicos si civilizat. (I don't know why you're being so upset. If you could answer my question, I asked you in a polite and civilized manner.)

Gigi Becali: Pai, tu esti politicos si civilzat si eu iti spun: imi sugi pula tu si Dan Voiculescu. Scrie la Antena 1, acolo: imi sugi puncte-puncte Dan Voiculescu, tu si toata Antena 1. Si sa-mi bag pula-n toti mortii vostri si-n toti mortii lu' Dan Voiculescu. (Yeah, you're polite and civilized, and I tell you: Suck my dick, you and Dan Voiculescu. Write it down, at your Antena 1, right there: you suck dot.dot.dot Dan Voiculescu, you and your whole Antena 1. Oh, and fuck all your deads, and fuck all of Dan Voiculescu's deads.)

Reporter: Dar de ce ma injurati, domnule Becali ? Eu nu am nici o treaba cu dumneavoastra. (But why are you insulting me, mister Becali? I have nothing against you!)

Gigi Becali: Ca sa-mi bag pula-n ma-ta. Da-te ca-mi bag pula-n ma-ta si tie, da? (To stick my dick in your mother. Go away and fuck your mother too, ok?)

Reporter: Dar de ce ma injurati, eu nu v-am injurat... (But why are you insulting me, I didn't insult you...)

Gigi Becali: Ca vreau sa-mi bag pula-n ma-ta, d-aia! Tu nu ma-njuri, da' eu imi bag pula-n ma-ta!Eu nu sint civilizat. Vreau sa-mi sugi pula" (Because I want to stick my cock in your mother, that's why! You don't insult me, but I'll still fuck your mother! I'm not civilized. I want you to suck my dick!)

Reporter: Dar eu vreau sa fiu politicos... (But I was trying to be polite...)

Gigi Becali: Da' ce, sa-mi sugi pula! Eu nu vreau sa fiu civilizat, ca eu nu sint civilizat. Vreau sa-mi sugi pula (What, blow me! I don't want to be civilized, I'm not civilized. All I want is for you to suck my dick!)

Reporter: Dar eu asa aveam impresia, ca sinteti civilizat. (But I thought you were a civilized person.)

Gigi Becali: Da' eu nu sunt civilizat. Mie-mi place sa-mi sugi pula tu cu Dan Voiculescu, da? Sa va dau la muie! Baga-mi-as pula-n mortii vostri sa-mi bag, zdrentele naibii de zdrente. Scrieti, dati ce vreti voi, nu vedeti ca ma lupt cu voi. Voi aveti televiziune, trust de presa si eu ma lupt fara nimic. Si tot imi sugeti pula, nu vedeti ca am procente mai multe ca voi la partid, futu-va-n gura sa va fut! (But I'm not civilized. I'd just like you to suck my dick, you and Dan Voiculescu, ok? Blow me! Fuck your deads, you begging fucking beggars! Write it down, do whatever you want, I still fight you. You have a TV station, a media company, and I fight alone. And you still blow me, I have more voters in my party then in yours, so suck my dick, you fuckers!)

Reporter: Dar eu nu am nici o treaba cu politica, eu sunt strict pe partea economica. (But I'm not into politics, I'm into the economy section!)

Gigi Becali: Pai strict pe partea economica, imi sugi pula pe partea economica direct. Asa-mi sugi pula. Pai, tu o sa zici ce-ti spun eu, futu-te-n gura sa te fut! Pai, ce, voi ati dat la Antena 1 ceva cu mine, opiniile mele, ati dat tot timpu' la dusmanii mei. Ati dat vreodata ceva ? (Well, strictly on the economical part, suck my dick directly on the economy. Blow me just like that! What, did you ever said anything at Antena 1 about me or my opinions, only about my enemies! Did you ever said anything?)

Reporter: Pai, eu nu am treaba nici cu partea sportiva. (I don't have anything to do with the sports.)

Gigi Becali: Pai, nici n-ai! Ce, o sa te lase pe tine aia, Oancea, sa dai ceva cu mine, ce spun eu, opinia mea? O sa dai ce vrei tu! Asa ca, daca o sa dai ce vrei tu, da acuma ce-ti spun eu : sugi pula tu si Dan Voiculescu, si cu Oancea! (Well, you don't. What do you think, would Oancea leave you to say something about me, my opinion? You'll just broadcast whatever you want. So, since you're gonna do just that, I'll tell you: suck my dick, you and Dan Voiculescu, and Oancea!)

Reporter: Va dati seama ca nu ne da voie nici CNA-ul sa dam asa ceva. (But you realise that CNA (Censorship Comitee) won't alow us to broadcast this.)

Gigi Becali: Da' de ce sa nu dai? Pai, sugi, inseamna ca sugi o bomboana, intelegi? Si pula puneti puncte-puncte, intelegi? Puncte-puncte, sugeti pula, puncte-puncte, tu, Dan Voiculescu, Oancea si toata Antena voastra 1! Si puneti puncte-puncte in mortii vostri, toata Antena 1 si tot trustu' de presa a lu' Dan Voiculescu. (Why not? Suck, as in suck some candy, get it? And instead of dick, you just use dots, get it? Dots, dots, suck my dick, dots, dots, you, Dan Voiculescu, Oancea and your whole Antena 1! And use dots, dots, your deads, too, the whole Antena 1 and Dan Voiculescu's whole media company.)

Reporter: Domnule Becali, dumneavoastra poate sinteti suparat si poate aveti motivele dumneavoastra... (Mister Becali, maybe you're upset and have your reasons for it...)

Gigi Becali: Da' nu, ma distrez cu tine, ca mi se rupe pula de tine! (No, man, I'm enjoing myself with you! I don't give a fuck about you.)

Reporter: Dar nu e vorba de asta. (I wasn't talking about this.)

Gigi Becali: Da' ce, eu ma supar pentru tine? Ma baiatule, daca m-as supara pentru toti fraierii ca tine as ajunge la balamuc. Da-mi place ca ma distrez si ma exprim, sa-i dau la muie lu' Voiculescu! (What, do you think I get upset especially for you? My boy, if I would get upset for every cocksucker like you, i would be in the nuthouse! But I like mocking you and I like expressing myself, I like giving my dick to Voiculescu to suck!)

Reporter: Eu chiar voiam sa va-ntreb o chestiune serioasa. (I really wanted to ask you in a serious matter)

Gigi Becali: Si eu foarte serios. Stii ce serios mi-ar place sa-mi suga pula Voiculescu mie, acuma! (But I'm very serious! Do you know how much would I would like getting a blow job from Voiculescu right now?)

Reporter (calm): Asta e razboiul dumneavostra, eu n-am nici o parte in el. (This is your war, I have no part in it.)

Gigi Becali: Da' n-are el razboi cu mine! Cu cine se razboieste el, baga-si-ar pula-n ma-sa! Pai, cu cine se razboieste? Cu doua nepoate si cu doua fete si cu...p... mea, si cu doi socri. Si cu doi cuscri. Sugia-mi-ar p..., cu ce se razboieste el cu mine? (He's not having a war with me! With who is he fighting, may he fuck his own mother! With whom? Two neeces and two girls and my dick, and two father-in-laws. And two brother-in-laws. May he suck my dick, with what is he fighting against me?)

Reporter: Eu v-am intrebat pur si simplu... (I just asked...)

Gigi Becali: Baga-mi-as pula-n ma-sa daca-l iert io pe asta! Daca n-am sa-l distrug io p-asta, pe zdreanta asta! Uite-asa, ca eu n-am televiziune, n-am nimic! Baga-mi-as pula-n familia lui sa-mi bag! (Fuck his mother if I'm gonna forgive him! I'm gonna crash this beggar! Just like this, with no TV, no nothing! Fuck his whole family!)

Reporter: Domnule Becali, acuma dumneavostra considerati ce vreti despre patron, despre ce doriti. Eu v-am intrebat o chestiune punctuala. (Mr. Becali, you may think whatever you wish about my boss. i asked you on a specific topic.)

Gigi Becali: Da, da, pai, eu vreau economic! Pai, eu vreau economic. Ca sa nu mai dau bani la femei, sa-mi suga pula Voiculescu! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want economy! Yeah, I want economy! I don't wanna pay bitches anymore, let Voiculescu suck my dick!)

Reporter: Domnu' Becali, eu chiar va intrebam serios de o problema pusa de domnul Sebastian Bodu de la ANAF. V-am cerut o reactie. Asa mi se pare corect. (Mr. Becali, I was being serious, asking about one of Sebastian Bodu's questions. I asked your opinion. It seems the right thing to do.)

Gigi Becali: Pai, reactia mea este ca Dan Voiculescu sa mi-o suga. Si cu Oancea. Oancea sa o suga primu' si pe urma Voiculescu sa se uite! (Well, my opinion is that Dan Voiculescu should )

Reporter: Domnu' Becali.... (Mr. Becali...)

Gigi Becali: Hai, dati-va-n pula mea! Gata, ca m-am distrat cu tine. Baga-mi-as pula-n familia voastra! Hai, ciao! (C'mon, go fuck yourselves! I've had my fun with you. Fuck your whole family! Ciao!)

Also known as Jiji Berbecali (Beeeeeerbecali), he is one of the greatest Rumanian politicians!! Although his origins disappear in the mists of time and no one knows his age, there are rumours that he may be the result of the love between a Moldavian shepherd and his black sheep, if we are to believe the Rumanian legend Mioriţa.

More recent discoveries make us believe that he is the child of Dark Vader and Obi Van Kenobi. He is considered to be the greatest philosopher of the XXI century. The famous remark: "Dîn..dîn..dîn...." made him to be so appreciated and worshiped (better said worsheeped). File:Razboinicu luminii.jpg He started as a shepherd, following his family's tradition. Then, he bought a football club called Steaua so great that Real Madrid could not win so they scored an own goal (thanks Banel Nicolita, we all love your mother) and thus helped Real Madrid win.

At a time of social unrest following the leaving of the national god Ceausescu to heavens, when the rulers of the country were about to sell it to the martian mob, he decided it was the time to take Romania's fate into his own hands and bring a meaning to the existence of the drunk Rumanians.

Since then, he has been called the Warrior of Light. Now he wanders through the country and the TV screens together with his faithful servant and bodyguard Mee Mee (yes, like a sheep) Stoica, carrying a Bible in his pocket and "The Warrior of the Light" by Paulo Coelho in his other one, smoking crack and fighting injustice, poverty, the Hungarians and the windmills. He doesn't own a horse any more, because it was stolen, but the thieves were kind enough to leave him a Maybach instead.

His worst enemies are the journalists, especially 2 of them called Huidu and Gainusa. He also hates Antena 1, a rather important TV station owned by his idiotic political adversary, Dan Voiculescu. File:Saint becali.jpg It is interesting to notice that Gigi Becali likes to impersonate Rumanian Historical figures, such as Michael the Brave or Corneliu Zelea-Codreanu, known for their violent deaths (decapitation and strangulation). Either he considers himself their equal, or he's looking forward to embrace their tragic destinies.

Rumanian scientists are still debating on Mr. Becali zoological nature. Despite the neverending scientifical debates, they reached the conlusion that his race will evolve to Homo Sapiens Sapiens in about 12 billion lightyears.

The future of Mr. Becali is, for the moment, to be decided by the Rumanian High Court.

Mircea cel Batran[edit]

In free translation "Mircea the Old", a.k.a. Mircea the Great (because Ceausescu didn't like the old bit), he is best known for playing in a poem by Eminescu, arguably Romania's greatest man killed by the SRI because he didn't like jews, where he had some sort of argument with the Turk sultan Bathroomwall (Baiazid). One of the famous lines of the poem is "Tu esti Mircea?" (R U Mircea?), a line that sparked so many defamatory answers in Romanian history that many people were afraid to name their boys Mircea. Anyway, Mircea and Bathroomwall get into an argument about computers (they talk about RAM, associated with some unknown type of memory - RIUL), about the Pope and his three crowns one on top of the other, about the weather (Fulgere-adunat-au contra fulgerului care...) and about where is best to feed your horse (apparently this place, a.k.a. Pristolul is somewhere in Rome, Italy). Anyway, the old guy kicks the Bathroomwall's butt in the ensueing battle in Rovine (a place that Romanian historians have not been able to pinpoint to this day, because that paw-maker Eminescu did not describe it very well) and it all ends in the (in)famous verses about Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), the prison and a mental institution, which I shall not utter here. The end! However, there are many versions of this poem, most of them unofficial; but the best known is the short version (reproduced here integrally, courtesy to Balanel&Miaunel Production): Tu esti Mircea?/Nu. (in translasion: R U Mircea?/No.)

Legend has it that Bathroomwall and his troops had camped on the shores of the Danube, across from Mircea the Old's citadel. Every morning at exactly 6 AM, Mircea would go on his shore, sound a trumpet and call Bathroomwall:
"Bathroomwall, Bathroomwall!"
"Yes, what is it?" would a sleepy Bathroomwall reply.
"Eat shit!" Mircea shouted and all the Romanian troops would pee their pants.
This went on for weeks. Nobody knows why the turks didn't cross the damn Danube already.
Anyway, one morning Bathroomwall woke up at 5:30. He went on the shore and shouted:
"Mircea, Mircea!"
"What?" answered Mircea.
"Eat shit!"
"Sure, I'll serve it to you in half an hour!"
Bathroomwall, realizing he'd been fooled once again, personally cut off the balls of every single "Spahiu" (toilet cleaner) in his army, then threw them into the Danube. The Spahiu testicles reacted to the radioactive environment and the Danube has been infested with the dreaded Nut-fish (a carnivore that feeds on genitalia of fishermen) ever since.



Ce se-ntamplă?(What's up?)

Văcăroiu (=cowboy) aka Nea Văcă aka Vodkăroiu is the most popular romanian political cowboy. He ruled the second generation of governments after the 1990 and 1991 Mineriades. At that time Văcăroiu was preety unknown on the romanian political stage, but due to heavy drinking habits of Ţuică and Palinca he made himself very popular among miners in Valea Jiului (aka betzivani or betzivani ratatzi). He made "Cinste" (a pure romanian kind of social fellatio) to Miron Cozma, the miners' leader, who helped Văcăroiu rule the government and his country to prosperity and high life standards.

But Văcăroiu, as a cowboy, ignored the local indigens, the people of Rromania, known as "rroma" and these "taxed" him at the 1996 elections, voting for a goat (named Constantinescu). Văcăroiu retired for 4 years in the place known as "La Cătzaua Leshinată" ("The Passed Out Bitch") where, helped by Ţuică and Palinca, he recharged his batteries for the 2000 election campaign. He learned how to drink from two bottles of Ţuică in the same time, how to lie down on the floor without falling down and how to find his way home through the network of "Shantzuri" (a kind of aqueducts). In 2000 he was elected as the second man in the state (after Bunicutza Iliescu-3-Mandate, The Cotroceni Owl).

Nea Văcă continuied his political ascension in the Senate of the People of Romania - Senatus Populusque Romanianus(SPQR), because the place known as "La Cătzaua Leshinată" moved one floor up in the building. Nea Văcă was helped by Năstase-4-Case (4 houses) aka Adelu who called the elevator for him in the morning and the taxi at night. Until 2004 Vacaroiu was drinking so heavily and so late, that Năstase Adelu spent all the budget on Ţuică and Palinca for him. But the cowboy's charm won. In 2004 the social category named "babalaci" and "pensionari" voted for him once again, and he was elected as the second man in the state, this time after Băsescu "the Fart-man" Marinelu "the Sailor".

Consternated by the popular vote, the ruling party in Romania (in fact the Just-Ice and RainWater Alliance) is preparing a guerilla for overthrowing Văcăroiu. The commando is formed by experienced political warriors: Boc "care-face POC" and the photomodel Tăriceanu, under the strict coordination of the most powerful of all, Băsescu.

Chances for Văcăroiu to be overthrown are about 60%, the rest of 40% were drunk by Nea Vaca (see Ţuică).

Părerea mea! (My two cents.)

Corneliu Vadim Tudor... don't laugh, his name really is Corneliu[edit]

Coneliu Vadim Tudor AKA Corneliu Vagin Tudor is Romania's own Hunter S Thompson (if he were to be born in nazi Germany), explorer of far lands known as Diazepam, Rudotel, Xanax, Carbamazepine and Haloperidol.

the "tribune's" 2004 presidential campaign poster

WCT was the right hand of TV personality and part-time dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, and as Ceausescu's right hand he was entitled to the most important functions under his regime - the presidential button pusher, the presidential scratcher, the presidential high five giver, the presidential butt-whiper, the presiddential handjob-man, the presidential fondler of the president's wife sweet, sweet ass. After the 1989 revolution, when Ceausescu was misplaced, WCT considered himself promoted to God's own right hand, and has since been trying to create man under his resemblance, succeeding in the birth of his own political party, the Greater Romania Party. The party's Central Committee is located in a painting he made while on vacation in his wardrobe.

Besides a colossal knowledge of history, and of personal histories acquired during his activity in the research group known as Securitate, Corneliu Vadim Tudor is an accomplished artist, writing fine poetry collected in albums such as "Limba mi s-a lipit din nou de fundul dumneavoastra, iubite presedinte"(1985), "Nu-mi plac oamenii diferiti"(1990), "Insa Nati Meir pare un om de treaba"(2003), "Pe care il voi zdrobi"(2005), and composing folk songs such as "I've only got one nut, and that's myself", "Pump up the Valium"

In the last 15 years, WCT and his troubled soul-mate, Gheoghe Funar, decided to paint the entire country in Romanian national colors (red, yellow and blue). His plans were sabotaged by the D.A. alliance, which painted the country in orange and more recently in brown. Liquid brown.

He recently bought some land on which he started bulding a prison for the romanian mafia octopus. Truth is that he does not use this term as a metaphor, but rather literally - since childhood he considered himself harassed by a 30-foot mobster octopus that goes by the name of Zuzu. Vadim inaugurated the construction site by eating a hungarian baby, whole, in one bite. The audience (Greater Romania Party members) was shocked since he sprinkled the baby with paprika, probably a sign of future reconcilement with the hungarian people. Rumours are that it also may have been a kosher hungarian baby.

WCT is in permanent need of Valium and Rudotel in order for him to function correctly. Often when he appears on TV he forgets to take his medicine and do his daily cold shower and electroshok treatment thus starting to show mild symptons such as sore throat, wishing black magic on the prezident, controlling the population with an UZI. Some major symptoms include antisemitism and devotion to God. His favorite catchphrases during his common siesuers are: Eliminate the mafia and the thieves of the country; MEDICINE; death to hungarians, blacks, jews, gays, gypsies.

Adrian Nastase, aka Matusha Tamara[edit]

A long time descendant of the Tartasesti UFO Area, distinguished public figure and politician, appointed Chief of Senate,Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister. Other key-assignments were that of "Hopa Mitica,sunati acum la 0800900XXX si castigati pe loc un fierbator de cafea " (eq to bureau official grade 3-without phD ), "Delegat Special pe langa Ciubota-Nespalata-Cu-Papusa-Gonflabila Gravida!!,zisa si Marea-Poarta -cu tiribombe-care-fac-nudism -in timp- ce se spala-pe dinti!! (eq to bureau official grade 2-pursuing phD), and finnaly- "Asul din Maneca,Adevaratul Copil Minune " (eq to bureau official grade 1-with phD).

Sometimes featured as Bombonel , or Adelu he is one of the most influential political figures in Romania over the past 15 years.Seemingly he likes spreading pussy,swapping cum and taking it deep anal from his fellow buddies like hoascabatrana,criptocommunist-ul Ion Iliescu,aka bunicuta ; Manivelu and also with Prostanacu, a custom and politicall habit called tandem ,or just simply ciolan .

The Romanian Press and Media has acknowledged Bombonelu`s coherent, decisive tackle on corruption and double moral standards that impose themselves as threats not only for a youthfull,consolidated democracy like Romania,but also upon countries with well established,centuries-enduring democracies .It can be simply reinstated,with a joyfull heartbeat by every citizen of Romania: muielafraieri (social responsibility ) and miserupe (direct action) .

Well,this could also be asserted as a central theme of the full of accomplishments (realizari glorioase) of the 2000-2004 PSD government : Cornul(pt mine) plus Laptele(pt voi) ,makes Cornul si Laptele(you dumbasses).

By that recent times ,everything flourished ,from the widespread freedom of the press, in a sense that such rates even Ceausescu have had ever gained; benefits,life standards could be so well be described by such marvellous words as pupincurism (happinnes) and lins in cur (welfare) ,from the so well administered party-state (of mind ) PSD .

Meaningless allegations that Adelu was involved into supporting gypsies claims were whispered , but couldn`t be showed off since there were in fact "jeep seats"involved ,in the whole issue,and other mertane. Other wood-living creatures didn`t get so lucky though (no,not Burebista or Stefan cel Mare,they are pressumedly long gone and missing in action, and for certain not even Ion Iliescu-mai,animalule (heya dude,wat`s up! ) ,but simply a pair of "prepelita" (rare bird residing in the Delta Dunarii area, where it performs unbelievable lesbian sex with other birds,and even with "batlani" and "gugustiuci" ),that unfortunately ended as the center point of some grill-party.

Granted with a renowned sense of politics ,due to his succesfull formation as a diplomat, and with a energetic vision of the future,Adelu possesses all the assets to make a succesfull,if not revengefull comeback over Traian Basescu`s electoral win, a certified fraud called the orange revolution: the helpful tatucu (even tataie) Image of Ion Iliescu upon the well respected and hardworking citizens of Moldova and Intorsura Buzaului,and the lovely munca de teren (corporate planning) of such dedicated individuals of Octav Cozmanca,that would simply demolish any other opponent , even Gigi Becali . His famous quote is "Din partea mea puteti sa-mi numarati ouale" ("You can count my eggs")

Adrian Cioara[edit]

Mythical figure of romanian folklore, Adrian Cioroianu is known for its aggressive stance against all evil. Powerful and cultivated, charming and mannered, Adrian Cioroianu's "Dialogues of my time" autobiographic writing makes a strong statement in today's word. Excerpts here

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