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Pontogo was the real first game system. But all those liars at Nintendo said that they created the first game system. But only a few people actually know about that being a lie. And those few people know that the real first game system was Pontogo. People chose to forget and erase the system from history just because it was so cruddy.

There was only one game for Pontogo and that was Zedong. Zedong was actually so bad that they stopped making Pontogo. The few people who actually played* Zedong were people that were so amazed by the fact that they made a videogame that they were going to be future gaming freaks.

No, the title does not have a typo. The person at a naming conference accidentally pressed some buttons on his keyboard and what he saw on his screen was the word Pontogo. And when people saw comercials for it they thought it was the most imaginative name they had ever seen. They didn't think they could have made up a better name. They probably only thought it was great because they didn't have any other game systems to compare it to.

Because of all the never before used technology it acually took them 2 and a half years to fully create, design and program Pontogo. But a few years ago some teenagers wanted to remake Pontogo just because they were board and it took them about 3 and a half minutes. That proves how bad the programmers that created Pontogo were.

Pontogo was sponsered and created by Fyou.

  • They didn't really play it they just tried to play it.