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Poople is a color that cannot be displayed on any internet web pages due to its sheer awesomeness and technological advancedness. Only Barney has ever seen it, and the color is assumed to look something like a mix between purple and the color poop.

The only existing image of the color poople left.

Outlawing of Poople in 1966[edit]

In 1966, many people found the color poople was giving children and adults alike seizures on television screens when test cards were considering allowing the color poople to be shown on television screens. Many people had gotten seizures from viewing this color, and died, so in 1966, the color Poople was outlawed. Nobody survived this craptastic color to tell what it looked like. Even though the color poople was re-legalized in 1990, it was already too late.

Poople's Trial Case and Execution[edit]

In 1995, Poople had faced trial for killing millions of people and for being too technologically advanced for the then-current technology and even the now-current technology. Poople was represented by a piece of paper painted the color poople all over. Poople's family, Mrs. Poople and Poople Jr. tried to appeal by saying that Poople never meant any harm and just wanted to live in peace, but they failed, and Poople was executed the following year. Poople was wearing a mexican sombrero hat on the final hour of his life. While Mrs. Poople and Poople Jr. are also the color poople, the two have never been seen since poople's execution.

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