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Poor People
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for The Poor?

“I despise poor people. They smell dreadful and their clothes are appalling.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Poor people


~ Bill Gates on Poor people

“Wait...There is such a thing?!?!.”

~ Average American on Poor people

“My Mom told me there are poor people in Africa”

~ Eric Cartman on Poor people

“I'm poor…”

~ Suge Knight on Poor people

Poor-people (commonly confused with the compliment The poor) are members of the wait-er tribe of restaurant helpers and Wal-mart store associates which originates from the Left Butt Cheek of America. The clan was formed due to inequities in the 'winey-pourey' process which had developed to the extent of discomfort in the nether regions. According to the Dead Kennedys, poor people should be killed. Poor people are often found in massive frothing packs clinging onto the nipples of great welfare nanny-beasts.


Some day Poor people plan to take over Alaska; George W. Bush has ensured this will never take place due to terrorism.

In addition, poor people frequently make attempts at the acquisition of free money or cigarettes, this is known as begging. If they succeed in acquiring free money, the poor people in question become slightly less poor for a brief period of time however this money is most likely to be spent on alcohol or kittens, once again restoring the people to their former state of poorness.

Despite the likelihood that the free money will be spent on alcohol, poor people will often tell would-be suppliers of the money that they need it for train fares, phone calls, or other more innocent activities.

There are two distinct types of poor people, lower-cast poor people, who are often ethnic minorities and/or crazy and who are life-long poor people, and upper-cast poor people, who are usually white are devoted to low-paying and pointless professions. The second type of poor people are not really poor and are more appropriately classified as "poor."

If you have to shop for clothes, food and appliances in Wal-mart, you might be a redneck.

The Flakes[edit]

Shady figures just love to wear a big jacket and beg. You could just dress up as one and say, "Gimme some cash so I can find some dope," and actually get some cash. They're main priority is to wreck your social life so that you can be in their social status a lot of poor people are either two religions: pagan (old hippie shit) or they worship the bamidele cult a very old religion from the DARK ages (>1424533loool798668<) and they praise with they bodies the ancient ruler called bam he was residing in the infamous lil' palace where he resided to his quarters were he stole the souls of little children and female squirrels. He would later feed this to duckimaximuses (ducks) in his private garden pond called (the great puddle) and he used to take small feline and drop them off high places like buildings or bins...

Fo Realz[edit]

See Harlem, Compton, Detroit, Oklahoma (them Injuns) and the South. Even Poorer go down to Afganistan, Africa, India, Burma and Romania too.

=Gay poor people[edit]

They are gay, their parents have no job all they do s suck the money out of the society. They smell bad but other people are too damn afraid to tell them.

A gay beggar ready to take a picture of himself/herself/itself and flash it to gay kids. Look at how happy he is for finally going inside a clean room.

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