Pope Benedict XX

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Enjoying a fine marijuana cigarette: The newly elected Pope Benedict XX

It was April 14th, 2055 when Pope Benedict XX was elected. For the first time in Papal history, a robot was elected Pope. Benedictron XX was also unusual for a Pope because of the fact that he was ultra-liberal.

He was a supporter of legalization of marijuana, and smoked it often, despite the fact that the THC had little effect on the circuit. Of course, it would be World President Reagan II who would ultimately fight (and win) against the Pope on the issue of legalizing marijuana. This particular Pope also advised abortion and stem cell research, citing "This world is two [sic] overpopulated as it is." Benedictron XX was often criticized for not being able to differ homophones.

He was succeeded by the more conservative Pope John Paul III in 2063, after he accidently rolled into too deep of a puddle, frying his circuits. His last words were "Let's go to BlockBuster."