Pope Gregory the Great

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Pope Gregory the Great (A.K.A. Pope Gregory XIII) was great, really great - always first to the bar, could drink like a fish and if you ever saw his mime of Debbie does Dallas you'd wet yourself. Not a very religious man, he was often very critical of Catholics who he referred to as 'left-footing Mary worshippers'. His main passion was dog-baiting and there would always be a great fat grin on his face as the small fellows got stuck in with ears and blood flying everywhere. He is chiefly remembered today for his inauguration of Nun fights and his nude Easter blessings. Pope Gregory was known to be an active member of the Anti-Catholic Sports Comitee, which is known for partaking in activites such as 'Midget Monk Throwing'. Other members of the club include Ghandi and Darth Vader.

Pope Gregory the Great is also known for his participation in the Great Flame War of 1582, in which he pwned Julius Caesar. At one critical point in the war, the Pope, in a brilliant tactical move, decided to overcome Caesar's military prowess by replacing Caesar's Julian Calendar with his own, the Gregorian Calendar. In order to do this, he chucked out 10 days of the old calendar and changed the way leap-frog worked. This devilish move won the war for the Pope, making him master of Jell-o pudding for the next 53 years.

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