Pope Snookielumps XXV

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Pope Snookielumps XXV (real name lost in an origami accident at age 18) was supreme freakhead of the Roman Catholic church from 1966 to 1969. Generally considered to be the first truly modern pope, Snookielumps is particularly remembered for his controversial encyclical, The Who Forever, Beatles Never (May 1967).

Generally a "hands-off" Pope, Snookielumps XXV preferred not to get involved in religious matters, and instead spent much of his time riding around Rome on the Vespa scooter that was his pride and joy, frequently stopping off in one of the Eternal City's many picturesque cafes to pick up dolly birds. He also used his papal infallibility to make a killing on TV quiz shows.

Preceded by: Snookielumps XXV
Succeeded by:
Nyarlathotep Pope John Paul 1.0