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The Porn star was discovered in 1629, when Professor Ronald Jeremy of Oxford University became bored with constantly looking at the "freaking little dots" in the sky. He turned his telescope to observe the local population, it just so happened that Lady Briana Smythe-Banks had a particularly - lets say "friendly" - female visitor. After observing the display for several hours - scientifically of course - the professor decided to document the glorious occasion by drawing a series of pictures, unfortunately, having lost his right hand to leprosy, he was not good at drawing so the pictures were rather incomprehensible. In the night, the pictures became mixed up with maps of constellations to be presented at an International Convention of Underground Practitioners (I.C.U.P.) during their "Career Day" seminar hidden somewhere in The Alps. Thus the Porn Star became officially recognised by the Federation of Astronomy and Planets (F.A.P.)

History of the Porn star[edit]

One theory is that the Porn star was formed about 7 billion years ago, in the Higher School Nebula from a once respectable young star, after being drawn into the orbits of older, wilder stars. Some astronomers believe that the Porn star (or Porn0 as it is dubbed by NASA) once drifted into the ACTING Galaxy, but failed to stay there due to lack of Sales Gravitational Pull, eventually ending up in the outer portions of the Milky Way after absorbing dangerous amounts of Helium. After several billion years in the REHAB4 nebula, where it gradually lost its reliance on helium, the star drifted to its current place in clear view from the earth and with live webcam coverage for teenagers and middle aged scientists alike. Beth Cooper is the most noted pornstar of today. She is widely known for her dirty ways and for commonly using the phrase 'Call meh'. List to jerk to please add memphis monroe, carmela bing, cheroke d ass, carmal moore, elizabeth james, shyla steyles, niki benz, cody lane, britany star, rachel starr, Beth Cooper.

Big Bang Theory[edit]

This star was created during an orgy known as the Big Bang. This all happened when the author decided his virginity has been with him long enough. So he decided to stick it in a woman he hated. This created a large explosion and left behind one star. Many people discredit this theory, mainly because they weren't there. Although it is available on DVD. The Porn star was first sighted in 1993 by the "hubba-hubba" telescope. This telescope was much like binoculars, but turned sideways to create an hourglass shape. This theory was first proposed by Dr. Jenna Jameson BA, MA (Pr0nology) PHD (Pr0nocology) and Steven Hawking, of some fame. After much argument and picture drawing Hawking proposed "The Big Bang". It was widely accepted thereafter. Soon after this Dr. Jenna Jameson reached international acclaim for her research. Many scientists noted that they also would like to perform some research with her.

In less related terms the porn star was created by a crack whore named Celest. Celest was more apt at the old slap and tickle then real forplay activities. And the father was a forinacator named Philip. Philip McCraken to be sure.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the Big Bang theory. For example, we tend to imagine a giant explosion this is not true, it is commonly held that Dr. Jameson has had enough experience to realize that "giant explosion" just don't work for her. Experts however say that there was no explosion; there was (and continues to be) an expansion, much like the martial art of Goa Tse (link needed). Goat Tse is, and remains to be, a major factor in "The Big Bang", so rather than imagining a Dr. Jameson's balloon popping and releasing its contents, imagine a hawking's ring expanding: an infinitesimally small ring expanding to the size of our current universe.

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