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A very determined Posh reenters the Earth's atmosphere.
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Posh was originally a piece of debris that became detached from the International Spice Station and was recruited into a manufactured pop group. The group was later sensationally disbanded following accusations that its recruitment policies and name discriminated against boys. The band named Boyzone was established to make this important legal point, and similarly had no musical significance.

Following re-entry and her recovery from the north Atlantic by a Whirlwind helicopter named Harold, the shape of Posh was optimized to suit the narrow column widths of English tabloid newspapers, aiding rapid page-layout, minimising the need to compose inane captions, and pictorially emphasizing her legs when she was photographed getting into or out of vehicles. In married life she elected to be named after a congested railway interchange in south London, Victoria-Peckham. Her singing career was thereafter sacrificed but remains an important landmark in the UK battle for social inclusion. Her admission during the summer of 2005 that she never reads book is expected to stimulate a substantial boost in book sales and library services.

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