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A postal code is a form of address used in the United Kingdom to help their failing postal services. Helped by navigational gnomes, the UK's postal service failed to deliver a single letter before 1850 (but it has been rumoured that a primative airmail was used to scatter letter over the land by attaching Tony Blair's ears to a Roll's Royce engine. Although Tony's body was never found, the ears were laid to rest in Westminsiter Abby as a testiment to communication and stupidity).

Catergorisation goes as follows:[edit]

Name/Madien name/His Name/Her Name/Nick name/Nick's Name/Old Bugger/Whatever

House/Street number/atom number/GPS location/Longitdude and Latitdude

Village/Town/City/Sprawling Mess

Country (must be marked if ally or not) Continent Hemisphere Planet

Nearest Star Neutron Star


Galaxy Sector

Galaxy ' Galaxy Cluster

Universe (be suspeific)


The Light Fantastic

And the nearest numbered post code