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Pounding Bat Sodomy (pictured circa 1965) rose to fame as the youngest Director of a National Company upon purchasing the TV Company PBS (alledgedly because he liked the initials).

“Yes indeed, sir, MS Bob is only fit for geeks. Definitely, as you say, Mr. Bat Sodomy, sir.”

Steve Ballmer to Pounding Bat Sodomy

“I love the sound of Sodomy. His clipped New England accent is so charming”

~ Noel Coward on Pounding Bat Sodomy

Pounding Bat Sodomy III (born 1959) is the son of semi-competent industrialist Pounding Bat Sodomy Jr. and the heir to the vast Bat Sodomy fortune. He lives in Cape Cod with his society princess wife Felacia Cunnington-Kennedy, who is possibly even stupider than he is.

Per family tradition, Bat Sodomy is the third in an unbroken series of lucky sperm club members. As such, he is beyond a doubt the luckiest sperm in the whole USA.


He attended a suitable series of schools. Did a Yale MBA, where he joined Skull & Bones. Married his trophy wife found in Ikea. Had children but is not entirely sure how. I could make it into a song if you like.

Family history and genealogy[edit]

Bat Sodomy's grandfather, Pounding Bat Sodomy Sr. (1895-1972), was the first son of Prescott Sodomy and Flora Sheldon Battenburg. Pounding Sr. bolstered his family fortunes with his fine work deceiving the Nazi regime in World War II, particularly the incident where he saved 1200 Jews working in his factory in Poland by fooling the Nazis into sending 1200 fake Jews to the death camps instead. This incident was immortalised in Sodomy's List, a film made for the UK Hitler Channel.

His father, Pounding Jr. (1923- present), was made to look competent by comparison to Pounding III. Which is quite a job, all told.

Pounding III's siblings include HitlerStalin Orphankiller-Nunrapist Bat Sodomy, who has enjoyed a spectacular career in politics as a running mate for failed Lesser Evil Party candidates before taking up his present position as Governor of Florida.


Bat Sodomy has founded Sodomy's Own, a non-profit confectionery distribution company. When operational, Sodomy's Own will be the largest Fudge Packing operation in the solar system. With headquarters in San Francisco and Manchester, England Bat Sodomy's vision has been described as "vague, at best" by industry commentators.

Political work[edit]

Publicity photoshoot for Pounding Bat Sodomy during the 19100 US elections. Pounding's fingers remained entwined for the following two months before being eased apart with chicken grease and pliers.

The Bat Sodomy family has had a long tradition of public service. Pounding III has taken care to further democracy in the United States with substantial ongoing donations to both the Tweedledum and Tweedledee Parties.

Presidential bid[edit]

Bat Sodomy ran for the Tweedledee Party presidential candidate nomination in 19100, but lost out to George W. Bush on the grounds of Bush's greater intelligence, competence, internationalist outlook, belief in the Constitution and public speaking ability. He did raise over $150 million in campaign funds, however.

Video scandal[edit]

Bat Sodomy's daughter, Paris Bat Sodomy, brought media disgrace to the Bat Sodomy dynasty when a home video of her engaging in sex with someone she was not at least as related to as second cousins — and who was, even worse, less rich than her — was released leaked onto the Internet. The disgrace was compounded when it brought Paris worldwide fame, a television show, a pop album and a modelling contract with Herpes. Paris' twin sister Jenna was inconsolable.


See Pounding Bat Sodomy.

Family anthem[edit]

The family song is sung at all reunions of the Bat Sodomy dynasty. It was composed by Edward Elgar, with libretto by Barry White.

Good afternoon, afternoon, hello sunshine
Wake up, champagne head
I should probably show my face at the office
So far away from the bed
God gave me money
Because I deserved it
One more billion or two
I am far more rich and connected
That's why I don't work for you
You do the working, I'll run the show
You'll skip your lunch and I'll take mine
Don't tell me the truth, do these numbers look funny
And it's coming up to the time
Now you work harder, I've got to go
To the yacht, it's a beautiful day
And sail like the luckiest sperm
In the whole USA!
Skip-a-dee doo-dah, thank you, Lord,
For making it for me
And thank you for making life turn out
The way I deserved it to be
There was never a time when I could not imagine
How it would feel to say
that I'm the luckiest sperm
In the whole USA!