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Apparently, little alien humanoid girls can still pissed you up even if they don't have real fists.

Powerpuff Girls
Format Cartoon Television series
Genre Surreal Comedy Fantasy
Created By Craig McCracken, Bob Boyle and Nick Jennings, Julia Fitzmaurice and Brian A. Miller, Hanna K. Nystrom
Starring Cathy Cavadini
Tara Strong
Elizabeth Daily (Season 1-7)
Amanda Leighton
Kristen Li
Haley Tju
Natalie Palamides (Season 8-present)
Original Channels Cartoon Network
Length 11-23 minutes
Number of episodes 270 (plus 5 films)
Composer James L. Venable
Mike Reagan
                                                                                                                              PowerPuff Girls (formally also known as WhoopAss Girls) is an American surreal comedy-action satirical-adventure superhero animated reality TV show is about the eponymous group of three little alien-bug-eyed humanoid superbabies who have dedicated their lives to comedic around with as many people as possible, working at a local headquarters. It ran aired from 1992, 1998-present as a longest running-franchise. The series was created by Craig McCracken, and first produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1995-2002 (now Cartoon Network Studios for 2002-present) for Cartoon Network. as well the Anime alternate universe, the 2016 series spin-off as a non-canon universe..


Apparently, the Powerpuff Girls were made of sugar, spice, everything nice, and radiated Chemical X (A.K.A. "can of Whoop-Ass or Chemical P from the 1994 re-dub by MGM Television and Turner").


Originally named called in Whoopass-Girls, the idea for the reality show changing the name in 1993, called Powerpuff Girls. (No freakin' joke!)
In fact, I think the creator has a fetish for race of Powerpuffians cute girls... For Japan (and its stupid Western fans), what are can you say, deal with legal Powerpuff aliens? They were also intended to look have normal human appearances, but the artists decided to spice things up a bit by making the eyes bigger than their brains, this thing an humanoid beings from outer space or etc. In fact, their AP test score is worse than their 100/100 vision.

Current status[edit]

“They're fucking alien humanoid babies”

~ Captain Obvious on Powerpuff Girls

“In 1998, themselves appearing television series across the countries. Her impact on kiddie's audiences was suspenseful and craziest also unprecedented. Her voicing talent any generations and overwhelming, she possessed more raw talented any new voices in this 2016 series, they soon became a sugar, spice and everything nice kids took the world by 2010s, then the suddenly they appearing cameos and other appearances, they retired in 2005, now in 2016, is back and she more humourized and actiony than ever, prepared yourself, the cartoon stars has come alive. ”

~ Announcer on Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls longer its production as a tv animated series over in 13 seasons.

In Japan, a anime adaptation of this series, Powerpuff Girls Z, began airing in Japan on July 1, 2006 and United States on February 6, 2020-August 12, 2020 in Boomerang on Demand. The real girls have signed on to provide voices for the new American English dub. Buttercup is currently in rehab for her Heroin addiction, the 2016 series had an spin-off called Donny The Unicorn.


Artifical humanoid alien girls beat up bad guys to schools involved, Elementary, Kindergarten or something else.


The Powerpuff Girls were created by Professor Utonium, who was trying to make the perfect little girls by combining something sugar, spice and everything nice, when (courtesy of his monkey assistant Jojo) he accidentally knocked a glass of radiation element "Chemical X" into the mixture, resulting in the three little supergirls. These feisty, super-powered, ever-immortal with the occasional fantasy, race into to save the city of Townsville from otherwise inevitable comedic and PPG taken on the world.

The Girls[edit]

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup
No image
Date of birth: August 13, 1987 (biographically)
Place of birth: Townsville, North America, USA
Nationality: n/a
Occupation Superheroes, Military brats, spies, etc.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup (also known as Powerpuff Girls) is an fictional alien-like humanoid superheroine group in the series of the same name. his father Anthony or Prof. Utonium and other relatives of Utonium family members. as part of Cartoon Network Presidental Unit in 2004.

Early life[edit]

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup was born a drum with several ingredients include, sugar, spice and everything niced and the radiation mutagen liquid sap of Chemical X and The Girls were born in Townsville in 1987 she is the egomaniac bad-asses crazy triplet ageless girls of all time. taken of these TV Series over 10-13 seasons of the show itself, then the Powerpuff Girls Movie and other sequels waited.

2 Years later after the seventh season, he would create a 8th season in 2016-present, about his life about Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup being Slice of-life comedy form with neglected persons and villains to hanging around all day.


Strangely, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup took take over the world is from President of United States for as a Mayor of United States from 2005-present. after manages Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup took over from Germany as Politicans from 2019-present.

To Fight with Shitty Villains[edit]

Recently, The Girls fights with a anonymous villains include, Mojo Scream Jackson, Fuzzy Cummings, Gangreen Gang, Rowdy-Ruff Boyz, Him Kane, Princess Morbucks, Amoeba McCann Boyz, Sedusa, Abracavader, Boogie Man Richardson, Alien Leader, Dick Hardly, Lou Grubious, White Kitty Hamill, Bernie, Mask Scara Diller, Broccloids, Mike, Ministry of Fucking Pain, Mime, Mr. Burglar Man, Captain Cracked McCraigen Dimaggio, Caveman, Stanley Norris and Sandra Blakeslee Practicewinkle, Unicorns of The Apocalypse, Gothra, Jemoirre Fairweather aka, the Queer of the Storms, Bianca Vonnegut and Barbarus Palamides, Packrat, Silicone Spisak, Headsucker Man, The Smiths, Whimsical Willy, Roach Coach, Pug-Faced Paulie, Duplikate Talley, Lester Van Daal Schultz, Allegro Foop Bauza, Popsicles O'Hurley, Sporde Tatasciore/Logan Diskin, Gnome Harnell, Erica Robinson, Sandman Eagles, Chelsea Howell-Baptiste, Robber Rodger Bumpass Baron, Blue Genie Marsden, Man Boy Lamarche, Gnat Kaye, Snake Queen Brewster, Unicorn Annihilator Marshall, etc.


  • Blossom is very, smartest, immature and main leader of the group.
  • Bubbles is secondary very calmly, innocent, bubbly and good-tempered. * Buttercup is the third very aggressive, bullish and inept cranky and sarcastic of the three.
                                                                                                                                       There were originally three Powerpuff Girls, but over the seasons, two other girls have also joined the team named PPGs.
  • Blossom Utonium (Jean Smart, Lauren Tom, Cathy Cavadini, Grey Delisle, Amanda Leighton) - protagonist Red-haired, pink-eyed, and dressed in pink. The ending theme refers to her as "commander and the leader", as she is the most dominant member of the group, which helps hold the group together, although occasionally she gives into her own urges and becomes very her personality is immature, smartest, frankly, friendly. Her special super signature ability is Ice Breath, etc...
  • Bubbles Utonium (Laraine Newman, Kath Soucie, Kerri Kenney- Silver, Tara Strong, Kristen Li) - deuteragonist Blonde, blue-eyed, and dressed in light blue. The ending theme refers to her as "the joy and the laughter", meaning that she acts as the most is defined by personality in childish, innocence, playfulness and gentle demeanor, naive.
  • Buttercup (Wendy Schaal, Elizabeth Daily, Natalie Palamides) - tritagonist Black-haired, green-eyed, and dressed in light green (if dressed at all). Referred to in the ending theme as "the toughest fighter" and personality in goofy, aggressive, cynical, rude, annoyed, optimistic, she is the group's tomboy and she likes it really rough.
  • Bunny (Christine Cavanaugh, Candi Milo) - In one episode, there was a fourth Powerpuff Girl named, who was brown-haired, purple-eyed, and dressed in purple (when she was dressed) personality is gentle, paranoid, malevolent, harmless, goofy-mannered.
  • Dynamo - Professor Utonium also once created Dynamo, a huge robot Powerpuff girl. It was used to satisfy a giant blowfish monster, which exploded upon having an wrestled. The Mayor ordered the girls to refused use Dynamo again, however in a later episode, the Mayor has been seen getting it on with Dynamo himself. Dynamo later went on to co-star in a Godzilla movie as Jet Jaguar.
  • Bullet (Kathy Griffin, Frank Welker, vocalizations) - A Powerpuff who tried to dress as a squirrel, but ended up eaten as lunch.
  • Bliss (Olivia Olson) - A newer black-skinned Powerpuff is personality in callous, optimistic, anxiously, gentle, who tried to Chemical W powers with Electric-like telekinesis abilities as well PPG, launched the character in 2017.

Apart from being extremely immortal, childish, friendly, and extremely skilled in, the three girls also possess some special super-talents. Because of the strange radiated Chemical X, the girls have been blessed with several special super-powers.

Guest appearances[edit]

Throughout the years many people appear on the show, below is a non-exhaustive list of the most notable people to appear on the show.

Extended family[edit]

Ms. Bellum posing as an all American average middle-class housewife.

Some friends/colleagues of the Powerpuff Girls who have appeared recurringly on the show are:

  • Professor Antonio Utonium (Tom Kane, Rob Paulsen, Ben Diskin) - A Powerpuff who tried to dress as a squirrel, but ended up eaten as lunch. - A scientist who created the Powerpuff Girls. The Professor is very "square" and old-fashioned, and he is (which explains why he tried to create the perfect little girl through science, rather than going out and scoring some inventing). He acts as their legal guardian and also as their.
  • Ms. Keane or Sandra (Kath Soucie, Maria Bamford, Jennifer Hale, Nika Futterman, Kari Wahlgren) - Madame of Pokey Oaks (the brothel/strip club the girls work at) she is patient, understanding and very passionate about her job, making her a well-liked figure. She is also recognized for being the motherly character in the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Officer Mike Brikowski — A fat, lazy police officer who, after getting fired, started working at Pokey Oaks as bouncer.
  • Talking Dog (Paul Mercier, Tom Kane, Tom Kenny) - An unknown cross-breed dog who hangs around Pokey Oaks. The show's narrator's frequently adds random lines, supposed to be the dog's thoughts (hence the name). He is mostly seen in the background but he once had an episode devoted to what the girls did with him (either for fun or for clients).
  • Mayor Barney (Jim Cummings, Tom Kenny) - An old, empty-headed mayor who is referred throughout only as "Mayor." (In one episode where he was forced to run for re-election as Mayor, he ran with the campaign slogan "Vote for Mayor for Mayor!"). The mayor is very, very fond of his pickle. The mayor is an infantilist. He knows that Pokey Oaks and especially the Powerpuff Girls and their sexual attics are the biggest attraction for Townsville's tourism and he shows his appreciation in the only way acceptable to the girls... The Mayor is married, although his marriage is troubled as the Mayor openly has many affairs. Mayor's wife (Audrey Wasilewski, Jill Talley in 2016 series) is the husband of Mayor of Townsville notably antics with days, month. (His wife never appears and her name is not released either, she is also not referred too often, because she objects to the show.) See also retard.
  • Ms. Sara Bellum (Jennifer Martin, Jennifer Hale) - Mayor's very competent assistant, the statuesque redheaded person, whose face never shown, because she is so beautiful, producers were scared she might outshine the girls. She handles things the Mayor can't, which is everything above 8 inches and the girls, who the Mayor has never been able to really satisfy.
  • Mitch Mitchelson - Trailerpark trash from the wrong side of town, who can usually be found around Pokey Oaks, drunk and annoying other guests. He has had an on/off relationship with Buttercup.
  • Elmer Sglue - One of the uglier clients, who is often high on glue. He had the hots for Buttercup, but she always declined his offers, which even went into thousands of dollars. During a mental breakdown, he threatened to blown up Pokey Oaks, at which point Buttercup finally caved in. Elmer is a friend and neighbor of Mitch.

Major recurring clients[edit]

Over the years many clients have visited the girls, they are usually the focus of the show. Some of them have returned several times. Mojo Jojo before being shipped off to Professor Utonium's lab.

  • Mojo Jojo (Genndy Tartakovsky, Roger L. Jackson)- the main villain, Before the creation of the Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utomium had a pet chimp he used to destroyed, however after he created the girls, he started to neglect the monkey. Jojo then drank of Chemical X to become like the girls, but instead he ended up with vast intelligence, a cod-Japanese accent and an overly convoluted manner of speaking. In one of the first episodes, he and Professor Utomium made up and out and since he has been a regular visitor of the girls at Pokey Oaks. Before being shipped there, he saved Townsville's bizarro counterpart, Booyaville, from evil prohibitionists.
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins (Jim Cummings) - A large, husky, hairy hillbilly who loves bondage and S&M, through which he can channel his aggression in a positive way.
  • Him (Tom Kane) - A mysterious, red-haired, local faggot pussy demon. Because of legal problems relating to his ambiguous gender, he currently does not posses an identity and thus is not allowed to use a name, which is why he is referred to as Him. He likes to role-play and often dresses up in different outfits or he also likes psychological manipulation as a form of foreplay.
  • The Gangreen Gang (Ace - Jeff Bennett/James Arnold Taylor, Billy - Jeff Bennett, Snake - Tom Kenny, Arturo - Carlos Alazaraqui, Grubber - Dee Bradley Baker) - A street gang who wear green colours (hence the name) who are quite ugly. They are bully juvenile delinquents, who every now and again come in for a big with all three girls. At one points, Buttercup joined their group for a while.
  • Sedusa - A woman who is also very much into role-play and destroy. She often dressed up and has been shown to whip people with her long hair
  • The Amoeba Boys (Lou Romano, Chuck Mccann, Charlie Adler)- A group of three friends. They are all in their 40s and still robberies. They usually wear long raincoats and hats to avoid recognition. They come in to watch the girls shows, but have yet to pick up the courage to go into a private session with them.
  • The Smiths (Kath Soucie, Christine Cavanaugh, Jason Marsden, Jeff Bennett)- The Girls' apparently dull and ordinary but covertly extremely and villainous next-door neighbors. They actually appeared twice in the show, the first time when Harold was so infatuated with the Girls that he left his family for a while to get it on with the girls, which led to an emotional climax, aside from the usual type of climax seen on the show. Harold returned to his family. In a later episode, the whole family returns getting it on with the girls in a dinner.
  • The Rowdyruff Boys (Roger L. Jackson, Rob Paulsen, Tom Kenny) - villainous asshole cunt male versions of the Powerpuff Girls made by Mojo Jojo. Although they are enemies of them, they also get turned on whenever they see them and start pissed off. The PPG (Powerpuff Girls) were annoyed by this and destroyed them by Dee Dee. They were later resurrected and destroyed by Dexter mistaken refuses RRB and grew spikier hairstyles hated by Dee Dee in 2001. They skateboard and are currently arrested by Genius Grove notably reasons in 2016.

Brick - The asshole leader of the gang. He wears a red cap and is in rivalry with Blossom. He is very bossy and pussy and likes calling his brother Boomer a faggot fool. He seems to be the smartest of the group but doesn't show it because he takes drugs (a drug called Chemical X). He loves graffiti and video games and smoking tobacco.

Boomer - A faggot insane and Bubbles's rivalry. He always gets turned on whenever he sees dumb blondes with pigtails like Bubbles, so he's in love with her. He was called Boomer cuz he loves using missiles, dynamite and bombs whenever he gets the chance.

Butch - A hypocritical bastard crazy brute lot of the time, he is either hyper, high or drunk. He has dreams about marrying Buttercup in his sleep while crank like crazy. He also gambles and keeps slugs and shit in his pockets. There was also a rumor that Butch was the retarded clone of Mandark or Joker.

    • The Father: Harold
    • The Mother: Maryanne
    • The Daughter: Julie
    • The Son: Bud

Guest clients[edit]

Most clients only appeared once on the show, some of the most memorable were:

  • Femme Fatale (Grey Delisle) — A slut feminist, who initially comes to protest the girls and the Pokey Oaks brothel. The girls however manage to "persuade" her to see things their way.
  • The Kat (Mark Hamill) — The Girls are hired by an unseen pet-owner, who wishes to videotape the girls doing his cat, while under hypnosis.
  • Abracadaver (Frank Welker) — A Texan oil-billionare had as a wish that after his death, the Girls would have with his body, before it would be buried.
  • Roach Coach (Roger L. Jackson) — A creepy old man who had a room filled with cockroaches. Is actually a cockroach himself, commandeering a robotic body and squashed by Dexter.
  • The Dooks of Doom (Daran Norris, Kevin Michael Richardson) — A trio of bikers, .
  • The Boogie Man (Kevin Michael Richardson) — A once-famous 70's rockstar that hired Pokey Oaks and had a huge Disco Boogie-themed gang-bang with only former 70's VIPs attending and burnt by Dexter.
  • Mr. Mime (Tom Kenny) (not the be confused by Pokémon) — A Party-clown, who dressed up as a clown and had the girls dress up as clowns in one episode.
  • The Ministry of Pain — A trio old men in their 70's, who engaged into having a pizza party with the girls.
    • Mastermind: the leader.
    • Cohort: the short but extremely skilled torturer.
    • Counterpart: the muscleman, whose specialism was powerful smack.
  • Jill Talley - Yeah....
  • Lenny Baxter — A Powerpuff Girls memorabillia collector and otaku, who traveled from NYC to Townsville to visit the girls in one episode. Claims to be their biggest fan.
  • Twiggy (Jason Marsden) and Mrs Herbert G. - A hamster and his owner, who has Twiggy introduced to the cavity of one of the Rowdyruff Boys.
  • The Giant Fishballoon (Kevin Michael Richardson, John Dimaggio) — A man with a water-head, who's head explodes after Dynamo gives him smashing.
  • Mr. And Mrs. Practice (Daran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee) - are two faggots strict trouble couples against PPGs. * Duplikate (Jill Talley).


Several other people also appeared on the show who weren't guests:

  • Narrator (Ernie Anderson, Tom Kenny, Paget Brewster) - The series' enthusiastic but unseen narrator, known for opening nearly every episode with "The city of Townsville!" and ending them with "So once again, the day is saved, thanks to...The Powerpuff Girls!". He will often comment on the proceedings of the episode from season 1-8.
  • Major Man — A Californian gigolo, who was extremely jealous of the girls and temporarily ran his own brothel in Townsville. For a moment all the clients flocked to his joint, but the Pokey Oaks staff found out he was paying people to come there, hoping the girls would become so desillusioned they would quit their jobs.
  • Bernie Bernstein — A film director who shot the Girl's first professional fictional character feature.
  • Donnie — Bernie's assistant director.
  • Dick Hardly — Professor Utonium's former roommate in high school, who always took advantage of Utonium and came up with attempted get-rich-quick schemes. He tricked the Powerpuff Girls into giving him the formula with which they were created. However lacking the Chemical X, he created the perfect little girls, Professor Utonium had longed for. Dick Hardly went off to sell these clones as the Powerpuff Girls Xtreme, commercialized, mass-produced clone-versions of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Powerpuff Bluffs (Jeff Bennett, Kevin Michael Richardson, Charlie Adler) - Three girls who imitated the Powerpuff Girls and advertised under their name as an escort service, they are eventually found out.
  • Princess Morbucks (Maria Bamford, Jennifer Hale, Haley Mancini, Kelsy Abbott)- A spoiled, insecure, idiotic rich 5-year-old girl criminal, who refuses to become one of the Powerpuff Girls and his rivalry Dexter. After her worst skills and natural attributes proved inadequate, she uses her vast financial robbed to try not to close down Pokey Oaks.
  • Major Glory (Rob Paulsen) and Val Hallen (Scott Menville) - A Californian gigolo and a Dutch Rockstar, who represents an elite group of superhero entertainers known as the Association of Justice Friend Men. In the episode "Members Only", they rejected the Powerpuff Girls' membership for their organization, despite passing the entrance tests, as they don't accept artificial alien-like humans. However later they need political support in the constituency of Townsville and they revise the rules to mistaked allow the Girls to join and in return the Girl's promote a petition they needed approved.
  • Dexter McPhearson (Eliza Jane Schneider, Nika Futterman, Tara Strong, Breanna Yde) - A red-haired boy genius with German-accented phrases also teaming three girls from their midst who fight crime and against humanity, who appear in cameos and television commercials promoting themselves.
  • Samuel L. Jackson - He's in everything.
  • Paget Brewster - she's appeared in a original PPG, PPG 2016 multiple characters only.


  • 1-270-298, etc. all episodes in the original and reboot as well 13 seasons have been made.
  • The main self-titled film called co-production German-South Korean American, The Powerpuff Girls Movie is the movie released in 2002 by Warner Bros. Pictures and sequels waiting.
  • There is an hour-long Christmas special entitled "Twas the Night Before Christmas". In this scripted feature Princess Morbucks (voiced by Maria Bamford) attempt switches Santa Claus's naughty and nice lists, which results in the girl's chemical x's being sent to retirement homes undo nothing about her. other films include, Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four (2017), Powerpuff Girls: The Small World (2018), Back 4 Good (2021), the fan-fiction movies include, Powerpuff Girls vs. Loud House The Movie (2019), PowerPuff Girls Vs. Casagrandes (2020), Powerpuff Girls Vs. Dexter's Lab (2021), Lego The Powerpuff Girls: Escape of Unicorn Land (2021)

those cast includes, Cathy Cavadini, Grey Griffin, Tara Strong, Kath Soucie, Kristen Li, Haley Tju, Elizabeth Daily, Natalie Palamides, Tom Kane, Tom Kenny, Jennifer Hale, Jeff Bennett, Jennifer Martin, Bill Fagerbakke, Aaron Spann, Alex Borstein, Allyce Beasley, Alyson Court, Amy Sedaris, Andrea Martin, Anais Fairweather, Andrea Romano, April Stewart April Winchell, Ashley Tisdale, Audrey Wasilewski, Benjamin Diskin, Betsy Sodaro, Bill Fagerbakke, Billie Hayes, Billy West, Bob Bergen, Bob Joles, Brigitte Bako, Cameron Esposito, Candi Milo, Carlos Alazaraqui, Carolyn Lawrence, Caroline Rhea, Catherine Reitman, Catherine Taber, Charlie Adler, Charlie Bean, Chelsea Kane, Cheryl Chase, Christine Cavanaugh, Chuck McCann, Cindy Robinson, Clancy Brown, Colleen O' Shaugnessey Villard, Corey Burton, Courtenay Taylor, Cree Summer, Cristina Pucelli, Daran Norris, David Kaufman, Deanna Oliver, Debi Derryberry, Dee Bradley Baker, Dee Dee Rescher, Derin Basden, Diane Delano, Diane Michelle, Dionne Quan, Dyana Liu, Don Shank, Dwight Schultz, Eliza Jane Schnieder, Erica Lutrell, Eric Bauza, Francesca Marie Smith, Frank Welker, Fred Tatasciore, Gail Matthius, Georgie Kidder, Gillian Jacobs, Greg Eagles, Gregg Berger, Greg Proops, Grey Delisle, Gwendoline Yeo, Haley Mancini, Hynden Walch, Jack Fletcher, Jacquie Barnbrook, James Arnold Taylor, James Kirkland, James Marsden, James Patrick Stuart, Janice Kawaye, Janie Haddad, Jason Kaye, Jason Marsden, Jason Spisak, Jean Smart, Jeff Bergman, Jess Harnell, Jessica Dicicco, Jill Talley, Jim Cummings, Jodi Carlisle, John Dimaggio, John O' Hurley, Josh Fadem, Josh Peck, Joshua Black, Julia Kato, Julianne Grossman, Julie Nathanson, June Foray, Karen Maruyama, Karen Strassman, Kari Wahlgren, Kate Higgins, Kate McKinnon, Kate Micucci, Katey Sagal, Kat Cressida, Kathyrn Fiore, Kath Soucie, Kathy Griffin, Katy Mixon, Keith Ferguson, Kelsy Abbott, Keone Young, Kerri Kenney- Silver, Kevin Michael Richardson, Kimberly Brooks, Kirby Howell Baptiste, Kyle Carrozza, Kyla Rae Kowalewski, Laraine Newman, Lara Jill Miller, Laura Bailey, Laura Silverman, Lauren Tom, Lauri Fraser, Leigh Allyn Baker, Leslie Carrara, Lily Vonnegut, Lisa Ortiz, Lori Alan, Lou Romano, Maggie Roswell, Maile Flanagan, Marcia Wallace, Maria Bamford, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Mark Hamill, Mari Weiss, Marley Shelton, Mary Scheer, Masasa Moyo, Maurice Lamarche, Mayim Bialik, Megan Cavanagh, Melanie Chartoff, Michael Bell, Michael Patrick Bell, Mindy Sterling, Missi Pyle, Mo Collins, Nancy Cartwright, Nancy Linari, Nicole Sullivan, Nicholas Cantu, Nika Futterman, Nolan North, Nora Dunn, Olivia Hack, Paget Brewster, Pamela Adlon, Pamela Hayden, Pat Pinney, Paul Mercier, Paul Schoeffler, Peri Gilpin, Phil Lamarr, Phyllis Diller, Rachael Macfarlane, Rachael Russakoff, Roz Ryan, Richard Steven Horvitz, Ringo Starr, Robbie Rist, Rodger Bumpass, Roger Craig Smith, Roger Rose, Rosie O'Donnell, Russi Taylor, Sandra Bernhard, Sandy Fox, Sarah Chalke, Sarah Silverman, Scott Menville, Sherri Stoner, Sirena Irwin, Sonal Shah, S. Scott Bullock, Stephanie Nadolny, Stephanie Sheh, Steve Blum, Sunil Maholtra, Susanne Blakeslee, Takayo Fischer, Tania Gunadi, Teresa Ganzel, Tisha Terrasini Banker, Tony Pope, Townsend Coleman, Travis Willingham, Tress Macneille, Trevor Devall, Troy Baker, Vanessa Marshall, Vernee Watson Johnson, Vicki Lawrence, Veronica Taylor, Vincent Tong, Wally Wingert, Wendee Lee, Wendy Schaal, Yeardley Smith, Yuri Lowenthal, Mona Marshall.

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