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541px-Pacman.svg.png This Article Is
  • it is merely in bullet points,
  • as this makes it easier to read for
  • those of us who have short attention spa...
  • ...oh a bird!
God... What is that?

Prankster Design is an alternative to Stupid Design. Based on the evidence, it suggests that "God is a joker". Simply because of the amount of [CENSORED] things which [CENSORED] on a sandwich and in your [CENSORED] mouth with a [CENSORED] elephant in [CENSORED]left hand and with a [CENSORED] computer. Evidence includes:

  • Microsoft - Even a totally stupid person couldn't think up something like this. He has to be messing around with us.
  • Michael Jackson - Something that strange cannot be from a Serious Designer, nor a bungling designer. Such an oddity must be planned by a true comical deity.
  • Zits - Of all the places to put embarrassing red spots, God chose to put them mostly on one's face, where everybody can see it even in the dead of winter when just about every body part is otherwise covered.
  • Farting - Why the silly noises just to release digestive gasses? We are a walking woopy cushion.
  • Penguins - Such a silly, awkward, waddling bird couldn't possibly survive any real competition, which rules out Natural Selection; and a serious creator wouldn't make such a goofy creature.
  • Hammer Head Shark - Even a human cartoonist on LSD couldn't come up with a head that strange. Clearly, the creator was just plain fucking around.
  • Lady Bugs - Polka dots are dead give-away for the playful mood the creator must have been in.

There are lots of other sources of evidence, mainly things such as THIS ARTICLE. Some other things include ketchup packets, England, grammer, Barak Obama, and in fact all politicians.


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