Preemptive Consent

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Preemptive consent, painstakingly developed at the University of Illinois, is a much-debated topic by legal scholars. The phrase "preemptive consent" is similar to the concept that a person or thing got what it deserved. It says that an object was in a state which openly permitted an action against the object to occur.

A useful example is when a person, usually female, wears revealing clothes. These people are preemptively consenting for others staring at them or drooling on them. The legal issue of preemptive consent usually deals with stupidity. If someone steals your car because you left the keys in it, many legal scholars claim that you got exactly what you deserved and were asking for. Another useful example is when any person in class asks a smart-ass question like "Are we going to use XOR gates?" They are preemptively consenting to getting smacked around during or after class.

Preemptive consent is a very touchy concept, however. It should not be taken too far. Strippers are not preemptively consenting anything to their clientèle. Likewise, plumbers are not asking to be ass-raped when they wear pants that allow one to see their crack. Well, except Luigi from Super Mario Brothers. He's into that stuff.

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