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Premium Jesus is a boy band with the three entrusted ones, Poodle, Felix and P-Trac. Premium Jesus was originally Premium Jeans, back in 2003, when they were still young. Premium Jeans consisted of P-Trac, Felix and G-Rac and someone else, maybe Jiminy; the point is, P-Trac was the tough black guy and the others aren't important.

Premium Jeans wrote no songs, had no albums and no platinum record of the year award gracing their shelves, but they did have strong determination and other stuff heroes have, they could play hand-ball mighty fine-style, they won and danced the dance, this is what keeps a boy band together: Dancing and Hand-ball.

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Some Stuff[edit]

Now, in music one time, something happened, possibly G-Rac left the school and Joe was an idiot, and then in music, in early 2004, they created the ultimate being... Premium Jesus. So now Poodle was in, and it was now Felix, P-trac and Poodle. They decided they were still young, young and foe-fightingly awesome, and so they were.

And so was set forth the mighty adventures of Premium Jesus. From discussing what type of music they should play, they decided on walking around the band room hitting stuff would make good music. It didn't. Music was set aside for poetry in science class and such activities as praising Premium Jesus over The Tome's awful band. They decided that they were saviors, they wrote up the laws of the land, they drank Santàl, they burnt matches, ate bread and even built a house together.

The year's end was nearing and Santàl was soon to be stopped. Tome's band's groupies decided they should be groupies for a band where they like all the members. So they moved on to being Premium Jesus' groupies. It was the golden age, supply of everything was good, the holidays were coming, then suddenly, out of the blue... No Santàl. Parmalat Australia stopped production. With Premium Jesus' last collective breath, they decided to set out and find a new holy-water to replace Santàl. This could not be done, as Santàl was the greatest binding force ever, without Santàl, the raw power could not be contained. They soon learnt that the will of the three thirds could keep the power contained, growing ever so slowly.

More Stuff[edit]

Premium Jesus began to fade, no longer was the power held as high, or as mighty as it was in the golden age. One of the members was concerned about the power, the power that is still growing, not the Premium power, but... The Tome. It has come to realisation, that a new member's will might be needed to lift the Premium Power back, for a balance, and another golden age.

But, alas, salsa as well, a new golden age may never come, as the three members have grown far apart, and Premium Jesus has not been talked of for a very long time. We all know it's still there, there in our hearts, our mighty, mighty, strong willed, solid iron. . . No, make that titanium hearts. The Power is separated... Maybe each member now has their own sphere of Power, instead of one binding power contained by all three. Maybe these three spheres influence those different people involved in each thirds life... Maybe. Or maybe it's dead.

Of Questionable Relevance[edit]

The Thirds:

  • P-Trac
  • Felix
  • Poodle