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Preschool is a biodegradable form of education to melt children's minds to be brainwashed in their later years of school. It is believed that preschool was invented by the Turkish to receive popular votes from the pants factory in the World domination race. Preschools have evolved dramatically since the days of the Turkish rule, and are now referred to as the most efficient source of renewable energy.


Brainwashing in preschool has had a strong effect, certain preschools with higher doses of brainwashing have produced many great, intelligent and friendly world leaders such as Mao Zedong, and George W. Bush. Also, in mythical texts it is believed that four small children merged into a cheese wheel during preschool, teleporting back into time creating a dimensional rift, releasing Mudkips into the world.

Energy Source[edit]

Children in preschools are seen as a highly capable renewable energy source through methods of evaporation, leaving their dried corpses to fertilize the paddocks. The liquid taken from the children are then used in precisely calibrated energy drinks, which are then given to the preschool workers. The energy source is found as renewable, with the workers having more energy the offer to assist the parents who's children have been evaporated to help "make some new ones."