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This profession has been created by the Illuminati because they wanted somebody they trusted to control the world. However, they're a bunch of snobish wannabes, so you shouldn't be afraid, worker. Do your work and you will fullfil your duty toward your country. Ops, hehe, that slipped. Anyway, for more reference read Dan Brown's book Angels and Demons.

To date there have been eight Presidents of the World:

  1. Fraser Crane (1556-2003)
  2. Paul Martin (2003-June 2005)
  3. Brendan Fraser (June 2005 - 3001)
  4. Richard Nixon (3001-3006 (resigned))
  5. Madonna (3006-3008)
  6. Lord Hotdog (3008-1337)
  7. Obi-Wan Kenobi (1337-1556)
  8. Dark Lord Levi Strauss (1556-1999)
  9. Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008 - 2008 (Killed by an angry mob during swearing-in)
  10. Captain Kirk Stardate 14327.2 - 18921.8
  11. Alicia Keys 9348-Now