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Prevolution takes place right before Evolution, before something evolves into something else, like when a Dinosaurs becomes a Monkey, they start prevolving. Between the Prevolution and the Evolution the Revolution takes place. When something prevolves, they become aware of how much life actually sucks under the current circumstances, therefore they start revolving and then evolving into something better.

Some examples of Prevolutions in mother Nature[edit]

Monkeys: When Monkeys started to realize that sexual intercourse was quite disgusting, because of all the hair and the smell caused by the body hair, the Monkeys decided it was time that something changed here, therefore they started prevolving and thus becoming humans.
Bacteria: Some of the Bacteria with enough brains discovered how much one celular sex actually sucks, so they prevolved and then evolved into a multicelular organism right after the revolution. This is the reason why the first multicelular organism was in fact the Penis.
Penis: Since the recently evolved Penis noticed that without a Vagina multicelular sex would be quite boring, they caused another Prevolution in the population of Bacteria which lead the Bacteria to evolve into a Vagina. Though with this not being enough, some other Penis who didn´t like the Vagina, had a different Idea in mind; They preferred the Design of the Anus over the Vagina. Because of many Disputes over the final Concept both organisms were created, the Vagina and the Anus.

First the Penis was quite happy with the results, but the rising number of Penis desireing a combination of the Vagina and the Anus lead to the Symbiosis of Vagina and Anus. Ultimatly the Anus also went into Symbiosis with the Penis when the Anus ran out of Vagina.

Those are some examples to show you how important the process of Prevolution actually is. Without Prevolution Evolution would never have taken place and you probably wouldn´t have a Penis or a Vagina.

Enemies of Prevolution[edit]

Some people still claim that Prevolution is just a myth and thus not true, or untrue, or not really realistic. Those people are often called Darwinists, but everybody knows that no one is constantly evolving, with exception of Michael Jackson. Evolution and Prevolution along with Revolution are a Combine that can´t exist without another.

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