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“Go eat fuck, shitters!”

Pricey-Fisher is a toy company that specializes in incredibly pricey toys.


Pricey-Fisher, not to be confused with Fisher Price (becuase it isn't) was founded in 1950 by Pricey Fisher Myezer. He was a real cheapskate so he always priced his toys much higher than a refrigerator. His first toy was the "Super Sparker Set Your House on Fire Gun". Yes, it did set your house on fire. It cost more than it should.

Pricey Fisher Myezer[edit]

Pricey Fisher "Cheapskate Fool" Myezer (1920-Last Week) was born in 1920 to a family of Upper-Class Twits. They always taught him how important money was to the point when Myezer wouldn't spend a penny.

Pricey Fisher "Cheapskate Fool" Myezer

But Myezer also loved toys. He knew kids loved toys. So in 1950, at the age of 30, (DUH!!) he founded his company. He died last week when Steve Ballmer Fucking killed him


Today the company is still cheating people out of their money. They are richer than Microsoft.