Priests of the Temples of Syrinx

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Leaders of Syringism, the official religion of the Solar Federation, whose flag is a red star and circle on black background. This cult was initiated in 2112 A.C. by Geddy Lee and Geoffrey Rush.

The Temples of Syrinx[edit]

Evolved from Intarweb cafés, they were made into hallowed halls by the stormtroopers of the Solar Federation and filled of great computers. The cultists there get involved in holy war simulation such as Doom and Counterstrike.

The Solar Federation[edit]

In 2016, Dubya started the campaign War on Aliens. After 90 years of struggle and having defeated Mexico, Canada, Darth Vader and Predators, a republic was born under the name of The Solar Federation. Its purpose is to assume control (the word "liberate" was deprecated in 2012) of every planet, moon, asteroid and object of the Kuiper Belt in the Solar orbit. Once control is assumed, the natives are fed meat and potatoes and taught the Solarian Way.

The Red Star and Circle

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