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Prince Coxar

Prince Coxar.jpg
The detail of a relief depicting Prince Coxar, left, after rescuing a Serbian princess from the Albanian Wolves; circa 1419.

Publisher WJU Saga
First appearance 1980
Created by Churchill Society, Wheeling
Real name Yon Hrebeljanović
Status Active
Affiliations Council of Light, WJU History Department, Serbian Orthodox Church
Previous affiliations The Serbian Royal Family, SEGA
Notable aliases Dr. Jimmy Coxar
Notable relatives Steve Coxar, younger brother
Notable powers Elemental storm powers, slow aging, genius-level intellect

Prince Coxar is one of Wheeling Jesuit University's most accomplished professors and is the Grand Wizard of the Serbian Order of the Knights Templar. Having fought in all of the epic battles in Serbia through out history, Prince Coxar took up residence at WJU to peruse a quiet life of writing books on his experiences and giving insightful lectures on the Cold Wa.

History (Linked Text May Serve As IDs)[edit]

Prince Coxar is descended from the ancient Serbian royal family, the Hrebeljanovićs. Born in 1367, Coxar was raised and educated as a noble until 1388, when it became clear that the Serbian tsar's life was in jeopardy.

Many of the tsar's closest protectors realised that there were dark and powerful forces at work conspiring against the monarch; unbeknownst to them, the Cissegara alien race had been conspiring against the Serbian emperor for some time. Due to his fierce patriotic loyalty to Serbia and intellectual loyalty to Serbian history, Prince Coxar was given the option of being the first human subject of the Serbian Empire Genetic Alteration programme (sometimes known as SEGA). Prince Coxar agreed, and his DNA was altered to give him the powers he has today (Ultimate Council of Light, #2).

Although Coxar's powers were great, even he could not protect the Serbians against the forces of the Ottoman Turks. When the tsar fell in battle, Prince Coxar ascended to the position of Tsar of Serbia and Ecumenical Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church. He fought valiantly for his country for many hundreds of years.

At the turn of the 18th century, Prince Coxar realised that his powers were required elsewhere. He moved on to Russia where he attempted to put into play his plan for world domination using the Romanov family as pawns in his little game. After being temporarily thwarted by Napoleon, he moved his head quarters to Prussia and Greater Germany. From here he performed many acts of vengeance upon the French, most notably, the Franco-Prussian War. After having his revenge, he returned to the Balkans to liberate them from the now dying Ottoman Empire - only again to be thwarted, this time by the nefarious plans of the infamous Lloyd George of Britain. Following the Nazi occupation of the Balkan region, he returned once again to liberate his chosen people and, as he is apt to do, save the day. However, Comrade Stalin had other plans and turned the region into a happy fun communist state.

After beating Uncle Joe, he came to the United States where he became a mild mannered professor at WJU.

In 1989, Prince Coxar destroyed the Berlin Wall with lightning when he discovered that his favourite bar was on the other side. In 1991, he was awarded the position of Grand Wizard of the Serbian Order of the Knights Templar for "services to the nation and people of Serbia". He also served briefly as Ecumenical Patriarch during a time of transition in the Orthodox Church.


While Prince Coxar seems to be a mere professor, it is generally well known he maintains a secret lair deep below the campus where he plots his return/world domination.


Prince Coxar possesses elemental storm powers, meaning that he can control the weather according to his whim. His speciality is lightning bolts, which he uses to transform idiotic freshmen into fine ash. Due to the strength of his mind, he has been able to live for hundreds of years without aging.

He is also the supreme authority on the histories of various Balkan and Eastern European states, including Serbia, Albania, and China. He knows several languages.

Other Members of the Council of Light[edit]