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What is Promatter?[edit]

Promatter is one of the 3 ripoffs of matter. Promatter is the extremely liberal counterpart of regular matter and whenever matter and promatter approach one another, both are sent flying to opposite ends of the universe. When promatter and antimatter meet, they both lose interest and become doesntmatter.

Why should I care?[edit]

Well you probably don't need to considering all the promatter is on the other side of the universe. Many scientists care about promatter for use in new technology.

Promatter in space travel[edit]

Because of it's effect on regular matter many scientists consider using promatter to explore the universe except for the fact that the G-force caused by the reaction would push you into the back of your seat and melt you into jelly.

Promatter Particles[edit]

Promatter particles share the same name as their matter counterparts just with a pro- put at the front. The only exception is the negatron, the promatter equivalent to the electron. The promatter equivalent of a proton is sometimes referred to as an awesomoton but that isn't it's official name.