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Prosperity Wicca is a branch of Neo-Paganism which focuses on enhancing one's socio-economic status, and that of one's family, at the expense of all else. It is embraced by the National Association of Independent Baptist Covens, the Mormon Church, and certain Pentecostal sects. Ironically, it has little appeal to most people who identify themselves as neo-pagans with the possible exception of young, unemployed white guys with shaved heads: these are male rednecks who usually identify as Nazis and are often fans of radio preacher Rush Limbaugh, a very loud exponent of Prosperity Wicca.

People who follow Prosperity Wicca[edit]

People who embrace Prosperity Wicca are also often found in Amway, the Republican Party, and the Kenny Kuhn Klan. They have a unique way of greeting one another: "GAWD wants YEW to be RICH."

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