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A pseudonym is the real name of any person or actor who uses a fake name. The use of pseudonyms is not a new invention; recorded instances go back as far as 2300 BCE in China, when emperor Bi Pu Schlong got tired of people making fun of his given names. He decided to change his designation to Hi Lik Dung; It didn't work.

Despite modern misconceptions, Incontenentia Buttox, of 1st century CE Rome, was not a pseudonym. Terd Ferguson, from the same era, was.

Pseudonym is a curious word. Have you ever tried pronouncing it? I just pronnounce it... pesee udd on you um.... Have ever heard of Dr. Suess. What kinda name is that? I mean, is he a doctor or something?? I asked my mom and she said that doctor seuss is a suu...i mean puu... i mean... oh forget it. it means that super secret spy writers need to disguise their names and... protect their identitywhat ever THAT means. Its like a nonsense word that means like... nonsense. Just like my dog ruffy. we picked

on the street. He had this foamy stuff on his mouth. The vet said it was rabies. whatever that is! We took him in anyway! 

SOrrry gotta giiiiiio

...Did he just go crazy and fall asleep?

List of persons who use a pseudonym[edit]

Pauly Shore - "Paul Reubens"

Natalie Portman - "Natalie Imbruglia"

George W. Bush - "Master Chief" (as in Halo)

J.K. Rowling - "JK Rowling"

P. Diddy - "Sean John P. Puffcombs, III"

Benjamin Franklin - "Sambo the Sad Slave" (for tax-evasion purposes)

Al Roker - "Star Jones"

Dave Matthews - "Jack Johnson", "Howie Day", "Damien Rice", "Adam Durwitz" and many others.

Michael Stipe - "Moby"

Tony Blair - "David Cameron"

Tracey Thorn - "Peter Beardsley"

DJ Sonique - "Andi Peters"

Keith Chegwin - "Chief Kegwin"more pp in my bunghole Paris Hilton - "David Duchovny"