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Psych Music Father, Zappa, of the mothers who are considered real fathers of the REAL "mothers" who invented Psychedelic

“Good Morning, Vietnam!”

~ Famous chant before playing Psychedelic Music

“That’s the left wing of the bald eagle debating the right wing of the peacock!”

~ Tim Leary on Psychedelic Music

“Help! I'm a rock!”

~ Frank Zappa while playing on Psychedelic Music
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Psychedelic Music started when whacked-out people, such as Alan Ginsberg, Frank Zappa, Maharishi, Moshie Bob Dylan, Ira Ram Dass, Love, and, like, the sultans of cool, The Yardbirds, all started listening to Timothy Leary rant about the Bhardo Thodal - The Tibetan Book of Like, Wow! - which was instant enlightenment through sacred LSD ingestion OR smoking the dried skin of Sahara bananas. The catch was it all leads to NOthingness or Voidism - if you can dig that. This message of "Make Love Not War in the Void" was propounded by such psych bands as Jefferson Airplane, The Misunderstood, The Grateful Dead, 3rd Bardo, as well as smaller, unknown bands like the Beatles (all of whom ripped off The Yardbirds, Man). We're talking, like, psych music here. Catch my drift? If you can't SEE your music then you're not listening to a Psychedelic tune.

Source of Psychedelic Music[edit]

Imagine this, except musical.

Real psychedelic music was a throw-back to the future created by Aleister Crowley and brought to the surface of the Earth by the god, Don Martin for a life-time supply of Soma. Alfred (as his friends called him) entrusted IT to Albert Hoffman. Hoffman later handed the secret to "John", Donovan's "Candy Man". From him Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Ira Ram Dass got a sample and gave it to the Beatles and Yardbirds, and other unsuspecting bands, and Tomorrow Never Knows became a scientific fact, with the dissolution of Psych rebels, The Misunderstood who never were.

British Psychedelic Music[edit]

Mods on hash, metallic, explosive, loud, radical, feed back, Mod hair and clothes, main concern NOT being the draft, and other madness deemed psychedelic music by unknown British BBC DJ, John Peel.

USA Psychedelic Music[edit]

Country hicks on weed, thin "plunk plunk" guitar, rinky-dink drums, cool funky clothes, and main concern being the draft, deemed psychedelic music by unknown US KMEN DJ, John Peel.

Types of Psychedelic Music[edit]

  • Humanitarian Psych - The Yardbirds
  • Freak-out Psych - Zappa’s "Mothers"
  • Party Blues-Rock Psych - Hendrix
  • Nihilistic Psych - 3rd Bardo
  • Acid Psych - Pretty Things
  • Sex Psych – Led Zepplin
  • Latin Psych - Santana
  • Loud Psych - Blue Cheer
  • Hic (jam) Country Psych - Grateful Dead
  • War Protest Psych - Country Joe
  • Electric Jug Psych - 13th Floor Elevators
  • Tolkien Psych - Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Harmony Psych - Byrds
  • Goof-ball Psych - Lovin Spoonful
  • Keyboard Psych - Zombies
  • Vacuum Psych - Tintern Abbey, "Vaccum Cleaner"
  • Mod Psych (riff rock) - Creation
  • DIY LoFi Psych - Cellartapes
  • Anger-aggression Psych - The Who
  • Satanic Psych - Jason Crest, "Black Mass"
  • Phony Psych - Move
  • Space Psych - Pink Floyd
  • Avant-garde Psych - Soft Machine
  • Heavy Psych - Iron Butterfly, "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida"
  • Spiritual awakening Psych - The Misunderstood
  • Revolution Psych - Tomorrow
  • Riotous Psych - Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
  • Goth Psych - Doors
  • Choral Psych - Mamas & Papas
  • Baroque Psych - Procol Harum, "Whiter Shade of Pale"
  • Orchestral Psych - Moody Blues, "Days of Future Passed"
  • Blues Psych - Butterfield Blues Band, "East West"
  • Exploitative Psych - Cream
  • Ballad Psych - early Bee Gees
  • Soul Psych - Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  • Kiddie Psych - Monkees
  • Happydaystoytown Psych - Small Faces
  • Love Psych - Love
  • Nice Psych - Nice
  • Beer and Darts Psych - Simon Dupree & the Big Sound
  • Kaleidoscopic Psych - Kaleidoscope
  • Anti-antidisestablishmentarianism Psych - Dylan
  • Apocalyptic Psych - Jefferson Airplane
  • Fairy Tale Psych - World of Oz
  • Booze Psych - Janis Joplin
  • Far-our Zen Buddhist Psych - Beatles, "Tomorrow Never Knows"
  • Shit Psych - Yardbirds, "Ha Ha Said the Manager"
  • Total Groove Psych

Psychedelic Music Lyrics[edit]

The most famous psychedelic music lyrics are: "Help! I'm a rock!" (ripped-off from Zappa) by Pat Boone from his infamous song, "Zonked in Church" (ref. Let It ALL Hang Out album - 1967). Later in the 20th Century these same lyrics were ripped-off by Porn star Peter North while explaining his dilemma in a Hustler Magazine article (Issue No 696). When asked about the article Larry Flint proved he was not a true Hippie when he replied, "Whattya expect ME to do about it? Sure I'm against FREE love!" Ref. Hustler Magazine article (Issue No 697).

Use of Psychedelic Music in Warfare[edit]

The most significant example of the power of Psychedelic music was its use by the North Vietnamese to defeat the World during the Vietnam War. They broadcast to the troops via a dummy Radio Show, "Good Morning, Suckers!" hosted by DJ double agent Robin Williams. It is believed to have been the most popular Radio Show on Earth until the start of the 1970s when it's popularity declined along with psychedelic music.

Power of Psychedelic Music[edit]

It has been determined by dudes who know about this shit (DWKATS - Pro. Daa Cats) that a Pink Floyd concert uses more electricity than the town of Alamo, Texas, USA uses in 93,533.71 years - which amounts to 9,873,008,900 barrels of crude oil converted into juice. (Ref. Expert's Guide to Beginner Science, Issue No. 1967.5 AD). When asked about this psychedelic music energy waste the Gov. of Texas (who's son and two daughters are hippies) replied (with a grin), "Hell, 'lectric chair ain't cheap neither."

Example of real Psychedelic Music[edit]

Example of Psych Music (The Misunderstood)

Psychedelic Music Trivia[edit]

  • "The pills that mother gives you don't COST any-thing a'tall!"
  • No one attended the funeral of Elinore Rigby.
  • If Jack Bauer took acid he would alter reality.[1]
  • Getting caught[2] is illegal.
  • Highest volume setting in psychedelic music is 15.
  • Feedback and distortion are GOOD.
  • Vietnam War was RUDE and, like, yuck!
  • ABBA are NOT psychedelic.
  • Pat Boone once OD'd on LSD. Twice. Or was it thrice?[3]
  • Jerry Garcia's body was sun-dried, ground into powder, put into capsules, and is available if you know Marsella or Louie.
  • Tim Leary is literally in orbit around the Earth.
  • Psychedelic music improves the sensation of passing urine.
  • The transexual son of genocidal war hero General William Westmoreland was singer of seminal Psych band, The Dead Dicks.
  • Country Joe could count to eight.
  • Napalm in the morning smells like "victory!"[4]
  • "Be Here Now" by Ira Ram Dass is a purport of Al Neuman's "What, Me Worry?"
  • Psychedelic music is 5 years ahead of its time. Always.
  • Lance used up his last tab of acid at the Doe Long Bridge.
  • "Psychedelic" means turning the blues outside IN.
  • "Charlie don't surf!"[5]
  • The Beatles & Stones don't surf!
  • Hendrix don't surf!!
  • Laird Hamilton surfs!
  • Psychedelic music = 100% opposite of Country music.

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