Publicly Ridiculed Person of the Random Indeterminate Time Period

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The Uncyclopedia version of having stocks in the town square, this page is the (un)official definitive source of the person (or group) that is the current target of community scorn. Virtual eggs and tomatoes are likely to be thrown at the target, so no specific identities should be used unless the person who puts the target up for public ridicule doesn't mind having his house burned down in retribution. Reciprocant house-burnings are Officially Not Endorsed. Likewise for egg and tomato throwings.

The Target of Scorn ...[edit]

  • ... is currently: OJ Simpson, just on general principles.
  • ... is not currently: Oscar Wilde
  • ... was previously:
    • Nancy Pelosi, for backing Murtha instead of Hoyer. Pfft. Didn't she get the memo?
    • anybody who believes global warming is "mostly caused by humans."
    • The Democratic National Party, because they resort to name-calling instead of actual debate. Also, they are poo-poo heads.
    • Rdhill316, because he put up this page, which is a very, very mean thing to do. Public scornings, indeed.
    • Senator Lindsey Graham. He made that poor Mrs. Alito woman cry. Bad, bad man.

The Punishment of the Random Indeterminate Time Period ...[edit]

... is being chianed in place in a public AOL chat room and having to endure 13-year old 31337 hax0rs yelling insult about your mom in all caps and being simultaneously tarred and feathered.

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