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What it means, what they are, and what the heck is a FFUP[edit]

This is an amazing PUFF creature!

What does PUFF Mean?[edit]

PUFF means amazing-bobazing and should be used at every oppurtunity to confuse and/or annoy friends or family. If you know someone that for some reason hasn't heard about PUFF, they need to be informed immediately to avoid being 'not in the know'. As we all know, PUFF origianated in ancient China when a young boy witnessed a PUFF migration and thought it was 'totally amazing bobazing'. Ever since this day, the word PUFF has become common in most 'cool kids' vocabulary.

This is a cheery blue PUFF.

What is a PUFF?[edit]

A PUFF is a cute and fuzzy creature that lives inside abandonded unicorn stables and large tropical flowers. PUFFS can also be found 'over the rainbow'. When a PUFF is sighted, it is usually mistaken for a neon gnome or leprechaun in need of a shave.

This is a pink PUFF

What is a FFUP?[edit]

A FFUP is sorta like a PUFF except it has four arms, four legs, and is usually red or black. FFUPS have long talons on their arms and legs and are usually good at climbing frozen waterfalls. A FFUP is obtained by freezing a PUFF in ice and then putting large amounts of sodium trioxide on top.

This is one of the vile FFUPS!

What does FFUP Mean?[edit]

FFUP means the exact opposite of amazing bobazing, somthing like 'not cool'.

A PUFF being transformed. The pink stuff is sodium trioxide.

The Transformation - PUFF to FFUP[edit]

When the sodium trioxide gets into the ice cube, all of the PUFF'S happiness and goodness is melted away but the PUFF stays in one piece because of the ice. The good PUFF is melted away and the evil FFUP grows around the skeleton that remains. The only known, possible way to convert a PUFF back to it's original state is to get everyone in the whole world and bake a cake together out of rainbows and unicorns and happiness. Next, you have a giant food fight with all the FFUPS, and if you can hit them with cake they will resume their original form.


How to avoid FFUPS and keep yourself safe![edit]

  1. Always have pepperspray or RAID on hand.
  2. If you see a FFUP, run fast.
  3. If you see a FFUP, don't walk.
  4. Please remember that excessive force may be necessary.
  5. If a FFUP tries to eat you, remind him that you have a family that is tastier in the other room.
  6. If threatened, get your grandma to take him out for you.
  7. To deter FFUPS, throw babies at your neighbours house so it goes there instead.

How CARE BEARS can help you[edit]

A homosexual CARE BEAR

The CARE BEAR BLAST can be highly effective against FFUPS, but BE CARE-FUL!! There is a chance that the CARE BEARS may be homosexual!! You have been warned...

Spread The Word[edit]

Make sure that every time you see another person that isn't 'in the know' about PUFF, FFUP, PUFFS, and/or FFUPS, make sure you inform them IMMEDIATELY as to ensure that they are prepared if a FFUP attacks them, or even so that they won't be 'not cool' if someone calls them PUFF and they don't know what it means.