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“Don't go down into the housing projects! The little boy down the street went down there and he was kidnapped by gypsies and sold to the Japanese for PURPOSES UNKNOWN.

“IT'S OVER 9000!!!”

~ Vegeta on how many times George Dubya Bush has incorrectly pronounced the phrase PURPOSES UNKNOWN

This article was created FOR PURPOSES UNKNOWN. As a result I have no idea what the crap I'm taking about, so If you still want to read this, then you're a trooper.

This random image of Mario pwning a Goomba was added FOR PURPOSES UNKNOWN.

The history of purposes unknown[edit]

The phrase was coined by author, witty smartass and Uncyclopedia's favourite meme Oscar Wilde, who was perhaps best known for his erotic novel Girls Gone Wilde. The phrase "purposes unknown" was created for purposes unknown, although some people have a theory that the phrase was coined so that corrupt politicians could cover up their own unknown purposes. Another theory is that the phrase provides a convenient alternative to actually telling the truth (i.e "Honest officer, that underage girl is in my car for purposes unknown"). Another rather sick, twisted fucked up, perverted, whacked-out opinion is that Wilde created the phrase so that he could cover up his evil, sick perverted affair with all-round whore Your Mom.

Purposes unknown today[edit]

This random image of the RETARDIS was added for purposes unknown.

Modern use of the phrase "purposes unknown" generally has something to do with anal rape, or assorted turd fetish sex tapes such as 2children1pedophile. The purpose for these so-called "sex tapes" is unknown, as no-one on earth could possibly find these videos arousing (excluding MJ and Gary Glitter. But then again, they aren't really down-to-earth guys are they? Hell, Michael dresses up like Peter Pan and dangles small children from 10th story windows!)

Examples of things that occurred, or were created for purposes unknown[edit]

Sexual Fetishes, Paraphilias, and Assorted Perversions

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