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Pwnism is the state of severe pwnage. Pwnage is the state of being beaten with a large stick and/or cannon. So "I got pwned", refers to someone getting beaten over the head with a large stick. You can see why they say pwned instead. Well, on second thoughts, no. No you can't.

Origin of the word[edit]

The origin of the word is very disputed. Some people make up ideas about how it came about. Here are some of the most plausible.

The "hippity bippity" theory[edit]

When a man and a woman love each other very much the begin to get certain "urges". These urges include wanting to hit people over the head with sticks (And then do it in a mini). Someone decided to name this mysterious phenomenon pwnism for some reason. When a leading scientist was asked about this theory, she said "Who are you and how did you get in my house?"

The "1337" theory[edit]

1337 15 wh3n p30913 t41k l1ke 7h15 on t3h int3rw385. Many phrases have been spun from this such as "lol" (live, old liver) and "wtf" (why try fatty?) It has been adopted the language of a small group of crabs called bertie. Pwnism is a corruption of the word "winning" i.e. "winned". This theory is very plausible because it might not have been excavated from deep inside someones anus. Oh but who knows. Or cares. Or gives a freaking crap. ROFL! (Rife on fie lookers)It is said 1337Beet created the 1337 "theory"

The "God" theory[edit]

The God theory tells us that God actually created pwnism and let it crap everything up like the creation of fart beetles. This would explain a lot. Or would it? Yes it would. This is not a religion, it is unbiased fact, according to some drunk guy.

Use in common culture[edit]

1337 crabs use pwned all the time as many overly rambunctious scoolchilderen bash crabs with sticks while drunk. Ergo: "0h m1 90d! Bertie jus7 g0t pwned!!oneone!" It is also featured in the original bible although in the King John version "pwned" has been replaced by "stoned".


Puhwunnd.. Punned... owned... Powwohned... No, I don't got it.

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