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Pwntang, not to be confused with Poontang or Tang, is the energy dring of the future! It is endorsed by Bob The Generic N00b, as well as Oscar Wilde. The current slogan is "1 Can a day keeps the W.O.W Addiction Parole Officer at bay"... Which is the 1337th slogan, the other 1336 were removed because of lawsuits. Pwntang tastes like Orange, as you see it has the name "tang" in it. If you havn't noticed, Pwntang is an energy drink whcih allows you to stay up, so you can continue powerleveling/gold farming/h4x0ring on your account on which ever MMORPG you play. The drink is widely recived and is sold everywhere, worldwide (yes, even in Africa), even though it is responsible for Infinity + 1 deaths per year, which is above Smoking, but behind Kitten Huffing.

Older Slogans[edit]

  • Now Your Playing With Power
  • Its Magically Delicous
  • Babadadaba, I'm drinking it
  • Oh Fuck YOU
  • 4 Out of 5 Dentists Approve...
  • Yummers!
  • Now 50% less Huffable
  • Now AIDS free!
  • Now gives you energy (we lied before)

Drinkers of Pwntang[edit]

Imitations of Pwntang[edit]

  • Owntang (Grape Flavored Pwntang)
  • L33ttang (Pwnt4ng 15 t3h h4x0rz!!11one!)
  • Orange Drink
  • Blue Drink


  • Pwntang taste like Orange.
  • Pwntang is yummy.
  • Pwntang is obvious!
  • L33ttang is t3h H4x0rz?

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