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Queen's University Belfast (QUer) was first founded in 2004 by a group of homosexuals, was set up before the megacity of Belfast was renamed Belfierce. The university now locates in two points of space at the one time simultaneously (both in belfast and belfierce) and thus is now the first wonder of the supernatural world. Residents include Aarondrew Lowrenson and Robert Anton Wilson, although not by choice in the case of either. QUer has long been mistaken for the Eiffel Tower by tourists who have lost their way.


Amongst the organisations are Institute of Professional Lesbian Studies at Queen's, whilst the Institute of Third-Worldology produces reports on the Third World. Recently the University of Northern Ireland has become a major influence on education in Northern Ireland- it was formed by a number of ex-gay people who have since embraced a hetrosexual lifestyle after becoming disallusioned when bisexuality was banned.

Student activities[edit]

Amongst the activities at QUer are broken into nationalist and unionist led societies - so called sextarianism.

The Irish National Lesbian Activities (INLA) is the militant student wing of Shin Fayne (a major lesbian activist). The Ulster Second Gay is the progressive wing of the DUP - the Dildos United Party.