Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

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1. Documentary produced by the society for the disabled to raise awareness amongst school children of the virtues of abnormal eye sockets. Their jingle is a subliminal message going 'CRAAAB PEOPLE. CRAAAB PEOPLE.'

2. The pseudonym of the notorious serial killer who terrorised Gotham city in the late 50s before the invention of spandex, and Batman. His MO was to prance around in a two piece bikini, then steal the eyes of the men who ogled him, leaving them on the steps of the Republican national convention. He was eventually destroyed by a tactical Gay Porn Bomb strike after a climatic lightsaber duel with the concerned women for America.

3. A reality television series documenting recruiters for the massive Homosexual Community at work.

4. A viral video produced by Al Qaeda to weaken the minds of the Capitalist west.

TV Spin offs[edit]

  • Adnan Eye for the Straight Guy
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Black Eye for the Obnoxious Guy
  • Black Eye for the KKKramer Guy
  • Cross Eye for the Drunk Guy
  • Fish Eye for the Service Counter Guy
  • All-Seeing Eye for the Sauron Guy
  • Pop Eye the Sailor Guy
  • Third Eye for the Stoned Guy
  • Third Eye for the Hindu Guy
  • Blue Paint for the Red States
  • Red Eye for the Pictured Guy
  • Pink Eye for the Conjunctivi
  • Buy buy buy for the Consumer Guy
  • Ay Ay for the Pirate Guy
  • Lemon pie for the Clown Guy
  • Super slide for the Little Guy
  • Bye Bye Bye for the Backstreet Guy
  • Di did die in a Tunnel, aye
  • Brown Eye for the Queer Guy
  • Conservative Eye for the Liberal Guy
  • Irken Eye for the Dib-human Guy
  • Wi-Fi for the Internet Guy
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy