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The Average Quizmania player.

If, for some strange reason you are looking, there is an article on the Australian Version

“Did you mean: Please Scariyah.”

~ Google on Quizmania


~ Someone on Quizmania


~ Someone else on Quizmania


~ Pirates on Quizmania


~ Your Mom on Quizmania

“Why is everybody shouting?”

~ You on those people

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Quizmania is a nightly show that aired from 12 August 2005 – 14 January 2007. The show finished when they realised absolutely no-one was watching except some Daleks. It involves specifically cretins ringing in and answering the most horribly difficult questions known to man. In fact, the questions featured on 'Quizmania' are so difficult, that even Dame Jade Goody, currently the supposed most intelligent human being, with an IQ of GTA: Vice City, claims to be sometimes unable to quench their questional interigative askingnesses.

Question Writings[edit]

These questions are created by trolls (left over from the original 'troll' phenomenon) deep below the Quizmania studio. Their only teacher is Grand Chief Trevor MacDonald, who after retirement has started living deep within the troll dungeons, where he sits atop a large throne made entireley of frozen peas, mined in the great trollish frozen pea mines deep below ITV studios (or Whereverthefucktheyfilmthatshit). Trevor insists on only saying the words 'ITS MARDI-GRAS TIME!!' when interviewed, possibly explaining why he was fired from the ITV news, despite being a healthy 25 years old.

MacDonald shows his troll writing team in a rare shoot by heat magazine

Why you loves it[edit]

The show is most famously known for its unnecessarily angry, flamboyant and homosexual hired dancing Germanic slap-heads. There is a ceiling and walls, and gibbons with digi-cams. The presenter, Debbie King, has a funny nose, possibly because she spends too much time with famous funny-nose Owen Wilson. Some Lady was brought up in a Kebab shop by Red indians (or 'bugga-wugga-how-how's, as they prefer to be known), she has no presenting skillz, but is very good at making smoke signals over a kebab fire for some unknown reason.

Another presenter Greg Scott who likes to refer to himself as greggles, is in fact gay, and sucks off men with vaginas. He likes to do it live on air with Debbie King's pet turtle and husband, Debort King. He is liked by students because he is a total loveable fud - he is a total fud because he is liked by students but this is debatable. Despite being buff, greggles has had your maw, is in fact probably your father, and says she was rather good.

General Audience[edit]

Quizmania, withered in unbeknownestness to many peoples, is very popular in the goomba community, many speculate this is only because they are unable to reach the TV remote and change channels with their non-existent arms.

a Goomba, well known for being a common enemy in the video game series of "Metal Gear Solid" by famous games designer Judy Finnagan

Examples of Quizmania Questions[edit]

Quizmania is renouned for its taxinly challenging taxing challenges, pushing phone-in contestants to the limit, WITHOUT MERCY. For example:

"Name a Girls name starting with the letter P" (eg: Trisha)

"JAM E OLIVE- name the celebrity chef (hint: FIRST NAME JAMIE, LAST NAME OLIVER)"


Suicidal rates (as shown) have increased drastically since the first airing of Quizmania, this rate is almost at a square proportion. In rare cases, viewers majorly from Central England and Scotland have reported cases of contracting AIDS due to excessive viewing. Scientists are still working hard on the causes of these rare occurances, however, just like scientific theories of Space, which mostly has to be estimated, no one can succomb to the extreme levels of poor programming to give any real diagnosis, most theories are 100% guessed.