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“R, me hearties!”
~ Oscar Wilde on R


~ Chinese on R


~ Greeks on R


~ Russia on R

“@11 y0u® [email protected]$3 ® b310ng t0 U$!!!”

~ Companies on R

“It's got a big top half, and the bottom half is spread wide open... JUST LIKE YOUR MOM!!!!!!”

R is the first letter of the pirate alphabet. R is properly pronounced as arr. Not to be confused with its evil twin Я. R was also an albino who freed the world from the rule of Jesus in 1860, which eventually led to the United States civil war.

R in mathematics[edit]

R is also used to denote the commonly used redundancy principal. By inserting r into an equation, one will be able to simply deny that said equation really matters.


Vitamin R is found in milk and prevents scurvy. Large doses of Vitamin R have also been found to increase an individual's chance of winning the state lottery by 135%.


® is the international symbol for denoting that a visual device or design is available for use by anyone who wants to make money from it. McDonalds 'M' is a prime example of this.


R can be also used to represent movies that are traumatizing to little kids.