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What is RGB?

RGB is the mysterious virus that affects your computer when the system is turned off, but the screen remains switched on. Often followed by the words 'No Input Signal', the bug has dire consequences. It makes all traded Pokémon acquire Pokérus, another mysterious that eats you from the inside before making a cheap rip-off of the original infected creature, the replacement usually ending with the suffix -mon. RGB is slowly becoming an alternative to OMG on social networking sites such as MySpace and flybe.bo.

What does it mean?

What does it stand for? There are numerous theories, the most popular being the rather unimaginative Red Green Blue, but it actually stands for National Dyslexic Association, or, in lazy 1337 speak, Na710na1 |)y51ex1( A550(1a710n.


Because it can.

The Guardian: WTF?

RGB: coming to a cinema near you.