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Acronym on Internet-Speak Ranting Online To Frappe-Led Mops and Listening Maliciously For Anarchial Orgasms

Used by anarchists who wish to say how much they hate authority and express their need to achieve their superior anarchist conquests. Though, this is commonly used as a metaphor for Canadian goose murderers. It is sad that no one in this generation could think of a better type of salad to feel Anarchists. If such salad was ever created, it would eliminate this interweb-§[email protected]

Other variations[edit]

ROFLOLMAOBBQ - Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud My Ass Off Barbecue

ROFLOW - Rolling On Floor Laughing, Oscar Wilde

IFWYJSRAASIUHTTMOMVBOBAFOSHVE - I Find What You Just Said Rather Amusing And So I Unleash Humor Through The Medium Of My Voice But Only By A Fraction Of Standard Humorous Vocal Exposure


ROFLBIATMSIMGAPZIMT - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Because I Just Ate The Monkey Shit In My Great Aunt's Personal Zoo In Milwaukee, Tennessee

R0TFLMFAOWPABSFATHAEABODCCDIF - Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off while playing a bass solo for all to hear and eating a bag of Dangerously Cheesey Cheetos- damn I'm fat!

IROTFLSHTILMBLPOPHUSI? - I Rolled On The Floor Laughing So Hard That I Lost My Best Looking Pair Of Pants Have You Seen It?

ROTFLBIJGPBMWWICHIBWHB - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Because I Just Got Pwned By My Wife When I Caught Her In Bed With Her Brother.

ROTFLMAFFABOIO - Rolling On The Floor Loudly Moaning After Finger Fucking And Bringing On Intense Orgasm

ROFLWGBTTSPMWL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing While Grabbing Balls To Try Stop Pissing Myself With Laughter.

ROFLBSBIRANAIGTLOTSORS - rolling on floor laughing because strong bad is running around naked and i just got to level 126 on runescape.

ROSCTFMFGCESTYWTAEEWYNA - rolling on the sky cos these fucking mushrooms are fucking great i can even speak to 12 yesterdays when there aren't even enough whats your name again

ROTZLOTWPMPOEWECWYMGMALDWPG - rolling on the zebra laughing out toasters while pissing my pants on elephants while eating chilidogs with your mother giving me a lap-dance while passing gas.

ROFLP - rolling on the floor laughing potato

ROTFLWSMDCAIICGWGD - Rolling On The Floor Laughing While Stroking My Carrot And Insulting Innocent Chinese Gardeners With Genital Disorders.

ROFLMAOWWWOTVAMTDP - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off While Watching Wrestling On TeleVision And Masturbating To Donkey Porn.

ROFLMHOWSMQOBOOMJV - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Head Off While Squirting Massive Quantities Of Blood Out Of My Jugular Vein.

RSTLNE - Give us three more consonants and a vowel.

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

ROFCMAOBSPDTGMSAS - Rolling On The Floor Crying My Ass Off Because Some Prick Decided To Give Me Surprise Anal Sex.

ROFLMBHJKY - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Bounty Hunter Just Killed You.

ROFLBIRTAAIRFBIIFAITGLIIMROMGTISKWINPTAOMGBBQWOIAGAITHGTKM - Rolling on the floor laughing because i'm reading this article and its really funny because it is funny and i think Geddy Lee is in my room o my god this is so kewl, wait its Neil Peart too, asshole o my god big bad quesadilla, watch out its a Grue and i think hes going to kill me.

ROFLMFAOBIJTTBMYAGMCI - Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off because I just tried to brush my teeth and got my chin instead.

ROFLWMDIRHBBQ - Rolling on the floor with my doorhinge in raw human barbecue.



ROFL F.U.: now thats self explanatory.