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The RPG Toolkit is a Rocket Propelled Grenade construction kit, created by the evil and all knowing, Xaviampz.

RPG Toolkit[edit]


The RPG Toolkit was created in 1987, by a Norwegian scientist, named Xaviampz. He and his associate, CBM (Child Badger Molester), were BFF, until Xaviampz started working on the RPG Toolkit. A feud started between them, and CBM started the newly named "RPG Maker", which is highly more advanced than the RPG Toolkit. Xaviampz went off to make the RPG Toolkit into its current version, 0.6 Beta.


The RPG Tookit supports no user-end programing support, instead, you are urged to use so-called "tilesets", that allow pre-made scripts to be run.


Currently, the RPG Toolkit only supports 8-bit graphics, with a 2 frame animation support. Recently a new update was released that extends the Toolkit's graphical support to allow 16-bit graphics of sizes up to 37x96, but also introduced the new limitation that all graphics must only contain the color magenta. The merits of this change have been widely debated and many individuals have advocated changing the required color to mauve.


The community often supports people who speak in 1337.

Technological Advances[edit]

The RPG Toolkit has become famous in some circles for its many contributions to the advancement of the Pokémon Fangame development industry. The many technological advances pioneered by CBM and Xaviampz, and later adopted by competing products, include:

  • Operator underloading
  • Crashing inexplicably
  • Alfalfa blending
  • Memory leaks

Many of the most important advances in the development of the RPG Toolkit came after large portions of it were rewritten from scratch in C++ because the developers and contributors were unable to agree on a spelling for colour kolor.