Raccoon girls

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"Hey y'all. Sniggity diggity!" Bold text~Snoop Dogg on himself in a mirror.

"I like vodka" Bold text~Allison from The Breakfast Club on being a raccoon girl.

"These are the real American heros. Just like terrorists and rich oil tycoons" Bold text~George W. Bush on racoon girls.

"That? It's not a raccoon. Its um... a badger?" Bold text~A raccoon girl in denial on herself.

"Chya. That furred mammel is like totally last season." Bold text~Stupid teenage bitches on raccoon girls.

"They're pointless. Everything is pointless. Especially them." Bold text~Emos on raccoon girls.

"Tee hee! It's FRESH IN THE FREEZER!!!" Bold text~The Pillsbury Dough Boy on his alleged homocide.

What the hell is a raccoon girl?

A raccon girl is pretty obviously, a girl with a raccoon embedded upon her scalp under the guise of hair. Oh my god!! How could you have been stupid enough to not realize that?