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As everyone knows, Radio Maryja is on 66,6 MHz.
The special radio receiver locked to listen to the only one true station.

Radio Maryja (Virgin Mary Radio Station) is a polish pirate radio station of Virgin Mary and her comrades from Heavens. Because Mary is busy with her last scandals, Father Director Teddy Rydzyk became the temporary head of Radio Maryja. Unfoturnately, Rydzyk discovered that this radiostation is cursed! When he tried to escape, it was too late - Rydzyk belongs to Radio Maryja now.

Good station

How to recognize Radio Maryja Listeners[edit]

Radio Maryja listener (woman) is explaining to an average man Father Director Teddy Rydzyk's love and greatness.
Radio Maryja Listener`s dog (the brown one) is explaining to an average dog Father Director Teddy Rydzyk's love and greatness.
Radio Maryja Listener`s hamster (to the left) is explaining to an average hamster Father Director Teddy Rydzyk's love and greatness.
  • Very aggressive - especially when you are carrying a camera.
  • In hordes they act like zombies.
  • They often meet each other near the city of Częstochowa.
  • They like to kneel for a long time.
  • They listen to Radio Maryja.
  • Father Director Teddy Rydzyk for them is more important than God Himself.
  • They always carry crosses around their necks.
  • They wear mohair berets.

How to act in case of Radio Maryja Listener cross hit[edit]

The wise way to make photos of Radio Maryja listeners.

Well, you are in serious trouble now. You will get addicted to Radio Maryja auditions, you will give all your money to Father Director Teddy Rydzyk, start to buy Nasz Dziennik and watch TV Trwam. You will kneel all the time, and finally you will come to the conclusion that this world is ruled by conspirace of Jewish-Mason Communists. And that's over - you became one of them. Time of transformation ranges from seven picoseconds to 3,14 years.

But do not despair, there is a realiable solution in four easy steps:

  • First of all, right after the first cross-hit go to the nearest ammo shop.
  • Buy a gun and ammunition (preferred dum-dum or explosive).
  • Find a suitable place, like crowded airport or (better) children care center.
  • Shoot yourself in the head. Make sure that your brain will fly all over the place.

Unfortunately that is the only one known way to prevent becoming a Radio Maryja listener.

Cool station