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Rainbow Brite is watching you!

Rainbow BriteTM is not only the massively endowed goddess of Uncyclopedia, but also has her very own massively endowed successful line of cleaning products, like Murky DismalTM floor wax, Patty-O-CleanTM counter top cleanser, LaLa OrangeTM scented dish washing liquid, and Shy VioletTM crayon and marker remover. Her popular products include the cleaning power of LSD, and can be found at your neighborhood "five and dime" that sells responsible adults many kinds of other drugs.

Rainbow and her little colorful friends work in the secret world of ColorlandTM bringing you the finest cleaners to planet Earth.

What does Rainbow Brite do?[edit]

What doesn't it do? Rainbow BriteTM is the only stuff known to man that can do exactly what Rainbow BriteTM is supposed to do, without doing anything else. The reason for this amazing phenomenon is that Rainbow BriteTM contains a secret ingredient, in fact, so secret, that the only person who ever knew what it was became the target of a missing person investigation in the mid 1980s and hasn't been heard from since.

How much does Rainbow Brite cost?[edit]

How much ya got? According to the local dealer latest stock market quote, a comparatively large quantity of Rainbow BriteTM is no more expensive than two smaller quantities of Rainbow BriteTM that are each as much as half of the original quantity. Thus, no matter how much Rainbow BriteTM you purchase, you never get ripped off or screwed!

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