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At the end of every rainbow, there is a pot of gold. This is a well known fact. What is lesser known is that at the other side of every rainbow is what is known as the Rainbow Party. The pot of gold is just a distraction, because all the leprechauns don't want you stealing their leprechaunettes (which is kinda like a green Smurfette).

What Happens at a Rainbow Party?[edit]

Rainbow Parties are a magical occurance. If you ever find yourself at one, consider yourself very lucky. Unfortunately, little is actually known about

This is an artist's impression on what a rainbow party may look like. Note that nearly all of the women present are Asian.

Rainbow Parties because anyone who happens to find one never leaves, by choice. It is assumed that a Rainbow Party is a hedonistic pleasure land, with anything and everything that a man could desire. It's like heaven for people who are going to hell.

How do I find a Rainbow Party?[edit]

Psh, Good luck. I've been trying my whole life, and I still ain't found one. (First you must leave the Southern United States.) Anyway, it's been said that there are two methods to finding the rainbow Party, and both include finding the pot of gold first. Once the pot of gold has been found, you know that you're on the right track. The first and most direct method of finding the Rainbow Party is to follow the rainbow to the other end. You'll have to run really fast though, because the Rainbow only lasts so long. (On a side note, the Rainbow party lasts forever. When the rainbow disappears, it and all it's occupants merely move on to an etheral plane. There's lots of physic-y stuff that I'm sure you wouldn't understand involved.) The other method is more underhanded and sneaky, and my net you a disbarring for life from all Rainbow Parties. Simply steal the pot of gold. This is the source of income for the Rainbow party, and without it, the party will soon run out of beer and um... lipstick. You'll find an angry mob outside your door soon after. At this point, your only hope is to barter the gold for an invitation. Initally, you may be shunned, but the party spirit will soon overcome you, and you will soon find yourself the luckiest person present.