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Raineform is a new style of writing previously used by the Incans in the prehistoric 1500's. It has many different forms and run offs on it. Raineform is probably the worst written language ever created, yet it serves its purpose. The doctor was played by Larry Badgely.

Modern Historic Incans[edit]

The Incans responsible for using Paint wheats and pumpkin thins are back with this new exciting style of writing. What may this be you ask? Raineform. The Single greatest written language ever. Created by God almighty, this verbally written language can split the Red Ocean and Tie a bow tie. This section of the article actually has no direct meaning to Incans.

The Real Incans[edit]

This Part does. Well you see, telephones were invented by a British optomologist named Brian Petersmith and now make Raineform useless. The Incans used it. So did the Mark Willincoff Society.

How it Works[edit]

Well Raineform is a style of writing where Incans would launch whatever they wanted to say out of a giant catapult made to look like a cannon (Cannons weren't invented at this time). What ever they shot would be flying in the air. Meanwhile the person who shot what he was saying would scrape sand and stone from the bottom of the Nile (The Incans, at this time, lived in Egypt). This sand and stone would melt and turn into hot clay immediately (There isn't any ozone when Raineform is in effect (This problem would later cause the Incan's skin to burn slowly and painfully (This wasn't good))). After an Incan would make hot clay, he would serve it up like a pizza and hope it landed under his falling sentence. If he missed, lettuce with legs would arise from the fires of hell, and take him (Raineform can only be spoken in menamist(not actually a word)fashion) back to the underworld.


It turns out Raineform isn't real so neglect this header and explanatory statement.

Writing Raineform Backwards[edit]

So be it that a genius Incan named Allen Nova created this writing process backwards. Now im not saying he wasn't not very greatly uneducated, but he never did comeover his ambedixtry. This meant that while he would work he would almost instinctivly recite his nutrition forms in whistlewriting. He shortly died at the age of womb.

The Age of Womb[edit]

150000 B.C. - 138478 B.C. The age in which barbarians and cave men statues ruled the earth.

The Amendment of Raineform[edit]

It was amended by the Inconian Constitution on a 3/5 vote. It comes from the word bluconian which is Latin for the phrase "Who the hell even speaks Latin anymore". Latin was later found retarded and was abolished because it was the worst style of communication ever.

Speaking Storm[edit]

The idea of communicating verbally was previously destroyed by none other than the Mayans in 1772 A.D. It was found to be unhealthy and not as convenient as other styles of communication. "Talking" is now forbidden throughout the universe. If a human talks, a droid which knew you were going to talk in the first place, but waited until you actually did, comes to slaughter them. I dare you to read this outloud.


It is reported that Asians cannot read silently (a good idea taught from day one), therefore there arent any left.

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