Raining frogs

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“We shall pick up an existence by its frogs”

Raining Frogs are small, wet animals that are sometimes mistaken for toads, which are sometimes mistaken for frogs, which are commonly mis-spelled as forgs. Frogs have sometimes been known to rain from the sky, just as rain, snow, hail, or money sometimes does.

Raining Frogs[edit]

The first reported instance of frogs falling as precipitation was reported in 1804 near Toulouse, France, where "A tremendous number of little toads...were seen to fall from a great thick cloud...from a sky that had previously been cloudless." Several other storms were reported by Charles Fort after the events. He noted that many frogs fell along with rain, or stick and small leaves. The frogs that fell along with cats were promptly eaten. Frogs that fell with flies were much safer. The basic foundation of animal food chains for frogs could be determined if we studied these showers further, but as slightly melodramatic philosopher Alexander the Grey-t once noted, who will care?

Frogs, Raining of[edit]

We can, if we look back, trace the precipitation of frogs back to the ancient Bolognians, where ancient bronze sculptures depict a shower of frogs. Historians later attributed this to lumpy metal, which is pure bologna. Ancient Bolognian writers also record meterological reports of "...raining cats and dogs." We can of course assume that, under the right pretenses, our expression, "raining cats and dogs," is actually a fumbled mis-translation of "raining cats and frogs." There is another chance that this entire civilization of Bolognia was concocted by angry Italians, over the American pronunciation of "bologna."

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