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== Raisin ==

When they remove the brain from shrunken heads, they leave it in the sun to dry. And thats where raisins come from. Currents, however, are disgusting. They are just peices of fruit which the smelly boy at school keeps in a carboard box and gives them to you. In fact he just keeps them in his pocket and gives them to you and you go, " Eeew! You eat pepporami and you smell".

What else? Raisins. Oh yes!

"Love is the raisin love is the ryhme." From Shakespeare

... What else? ...

Habitat Of Raisins[edit]

The natural habitat of raisns is in eccles cakes. That is to say, they dwell within eccles cakes. Lurking, really, more than dwelling within because they generally just sneak about sniggering.

There is a myth, that raisins, however, are made from dried fruit. Most people stop beliving this when they are, about 4. Scientists have proven it wrong.

To conclude- Wether you belive in the easter bunny, dwarves, or Father Christmas, so long as you don't belive in raisins no-one will poke you with a stick and laugh at you. In fact, everytime you say I don't belive in raisins, a raisin drops down dead. Although they don't fly, so it's not much of a fall. Unless they've just come out of a shrunken head.