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I am now going to take you all on a journey across the world to find out why he said that. You see, raptose is a 78 carbon sugar built on the bones of dead Pet Shop Boys.

Chemistry behind the molecule[edit]

It's structure is this:


Which is similar to the Frapping molecule only more hydrogenated and housified. As you can hear this provides a great base line, and some severe dub highlights, similar to the sound of the 1950s when Fat Cats would ride around on motorcars sipping Char and waiting for the Man. When the Man came he said "I said I said GET on out there you boys!" and "Get get GET ON UP out there and pain' my shed. Foo's!" and that was the end of Communism.

Possible disorders of raptose and the diseases that stem from this[edit]

Because of the amine group on the right hand end other molecules, like the Nazi molecule can attach onto the Raptose, causing severe bouts of facism and self-loathing. Sypmtoms to look out for are heary upper lips and ridigity in all one left arms. Here it be:


When a diNazide forms, like thusly:


the patient grows an extra left arm and flaps it wildy. This conditional known as DNALLTOD, or Dnalltod for short, or Di Nazi Arms Left Leading TO Death to be a pedant, is terminal. Meaning it acts as a junction for the Death Train.

The effect of Raptose on our world today[edit]

Many things rely on the supply of Raptose that comes from the sun's rays bound up in Raptose Crystals. For a start Rap Music would not exist, and so Tupac would come back to life and haunt us once more, only as a Postman because without his rap which is his natural skill he has nothing. Unfortunately. Raptose also serves as a useful ingredient of food: upon hearing rap Raptose is ingested into the ear, then it takes the auditory and alimentary canals and is digested, giving 100 calories per raptose molecule. This makes people involved in the rap industry fat.


Upon addition of element F, which stands for Funkydelicia, on the amoral end of the raptose molecule it becomes fRaptose, which is used for Frapping. Currently fRaptose sells for £1.25 on the stockmarket per 2.764 tonnes, so if you are ever hungry, buy some!

The Fleetwood Mac Variation[edit]

This molecule is mainly a CarbonHydrogenate, with some side chain lyrical functional groups and some in molecule rotation and turning and facing. Discovered in 1976 this molecule goes


and was discovered by Mr Fleetwood and Mr Mac, a couple of dubious sexuality born in Guantanamo Bay to three terrorists named George Frank and Chips. Their upbringing was a lonely one, full of solitary isolation and information gathering by the French guards who really wanted to know where they hid the sweets. This discovery pushed Fleetwood and Mac to fame, and subsequently they formed a popular music band based on their molecule.