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Here is premium dog steak, cooked rare. When cooking dog, be careful not to burn it.
The periodic table of meat. So called because it regulally has periods. Number 43 can easily be seen rare, next to 42, life-meat.

Rare is cooked. But not well. Also many things are rare. For example, the Spanish Inquisition. Not that may people expect it. If you find a rare Red Spanish Inquisition or Random-Sighting in this article, please add to your power score and report on the talk page for this article. Note that rare Inquisitions and sightings of creatures are only found in the rare zoo, where your meat is lightly cooked with juicy insides. Rare meat is n*43 in the Periodic table of meat.

The Rare Zoo[edit]

Please browse through the marvellous exibits we have prepared[edit]

The rare sighting, usually invisible, now very common in this article, there are many here now.[edit]