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The Definition[edit]

The word "rawr" is a word that people used as a word when they couldn't come up with another word to express their thoughts as words with. Rawr can be used to express anger ("Rawr! Stop eating my waffle!") confusion ("I didn't get the waffle? Rawr?") or even happiness ("Hooray! My waffle! Rawr!") and a greeting (RAWR!) It is a very versatile word that is used in many different situations. It is used by 14 year old girls and fat 17 year olds in order to communicate, possibly due to the crippling effects of spending the last 5 years in front of Spacebook or Myface or Bebo (no 'funny' name found) (proud sponsors of ruining the brains of the youth/YOOF) It's a sign of playful anger often used in conjunction with many other words listed in the 'Oxford Concise Bullshit Slang and Txt Spk Dictionary 2K8' such as rofl, lol (which originated in the late 1700s amongst British nobility in mealtime scenarios, as a shortened version of 'Languistines or Lobster?') and lmfao. All of which are used in complete truth, as is commonly seen with children caught rolling about laughing in front of computer screen. MEGALOLZ

The History of Rawr[edit]

"rawr" is commonly used when there is nothing else - or better - to say. People are known to abuse the word. Sometimes used by people who think they are lions or some other feline, these people often also listen to the Macarena, though they never admit it. Historians cite "rawr" as a contributing factor in the fall of the Roman and Galactic Empires, and it is widely debated whether anyone can handle the "rawr".