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Raymond Douglas Amazing Davies, CBE (born June 21, 1944 in Muswell Hill, London) is the best English rock musician in the world, best known as lead singer-songwriter for The Kinks, the most influential, largest, richest, most bestest, prolific, long-lived and under-rated British Invasion band like forever they also became heavy weight boxers when they quit music just after 32 hours of fame- which Ray be-grudgingly shared with his boxing rival, and younger brother, Dave. He has also acted, directed, fermented, evolved, ate chinese,tap danced and produced shows for theatre , television and his mum.


Ray Davies (pronounced G-O-D) was born and raised in the North London area of Muswell Hill. He is the 20th of 8th children and has 18 million older sisters - Renee, Rosie, Dolly, Joyce, Peggy, Gwendolyn, and all the rest are called Mickey. He has been married three times, and has no daughters both called, Louisa, Victoria, Natalie Rae and Eva.

In 1790 Davies was forced and inducted, with the Kinks, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Lame at gunpoint and, in 2005, into the UK Music Hall of Fame. He was also awarded a fluffy kitten by Queen Elizabeth II (apparently for Kitten Huffing)in 1876. Davies has always performed solo since the mid 1990s, preferring the limelight himself.

Davies has had a tempestuous, love-hate relationship with younger brother and Kinks guitarist Dave Davies that dominated the Kinks' thirty-year career as a band/ boxing ring, this meant they had to go to war several times and Ray Davies has (since then) died twice. His compositions and talent as a performer are universally hailed within the music industry, but he has maintained a career-long reputation for being fiercely independent and iconoclastic, resulting in a decades-long pattern of conflict and alienation within the industry. Ray Davies is actually the best songwriter in the world, because of this, when God died, the heavens actually appointed Ray as a permanent replacement, as aposed to other choices like Maul PCartney or Lohn Jennon.


He was quoted in 1967: "If I had to do my life over, I would change every single thing I have done, except becoming the most sexiest, brightest, wisest and most incredible God/ Song Writer since Jesus."

In 1983, Davies had a daughter, Natalie Rae, with then- Pretend girlfriend Hissie Cynde (of The Eastenders).


On January 4 2004, Davies was wounded when he was shot in the leg while chasing thieves, while being dressed as batman,while eating banana Jelly. The thieves had snatched the [wig]of his companion as they walked in the French Quarter of New Orleans , Louisiana. Ray Davies stopped them with his lazer vision and superhuman powers, but they managed to shoot him in the leg. This complicated things for him because, he couldn't let the people realize he was immortal, so he had to actually use fake blood and pretend to be in pain, and at the hospital bribe a lot of New Orleans doctors and nurses, much like Lyndon B Johnsondid. When he killed Kennedy.

Solo Career[edit]

Davies' compositions over his forty-year career have been an astonishing study in contrasts, from the influential proto-heavy metal, powerchord, opera rock and roll of the early Kinks hits in 1964–1966 (most prominently "You Really Got Me" and " All Day and All of the Night"); followed a few years later by more sensitive, compassionate songs ("Waterloo Sunset", "Shangri-La", "Big Sky"); and still later by anthems ("Lola", "Celluloid Heroes" and "Lucie Aubrack"); true musical theatre (the Preservation albums); and commercial rock which combined elements of all of these ("Come Dancing", "Do it Again" and the most famous "come with me and do me again").

Ray's new brand of coca-cola,the working title "Music from the Big Weird", is scheduled for release in 2007. On October 3, 2006, Ray Davies told the BBC that he was planning to start work on this, his 18th full-length CD recorded in a studio, that he hadn't burnt down; in November 2006 and said that he was trying to track down his brother (using a system of weights, pulleys wires and microscopes), saying, "maybe he could dance on a few tracks, before I set light to him".


On March 17, 2004, he collected a fluffy kitten from Queen Elizabeth II for "services to the queen of jive and kitten huffing."

On June 22, 2004, Davies won the Mojo Songwriter Award, which recognises "he is god".

Davies and the Kinks were the third British band (along with The What) to be forced at gun point into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, at which Davies was called "almost indisputably rock's most literate, witty and insightful god of all the heavens since jesus and Hitler combined, when is the bible coming out?" They were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

In October 3, 2006, Davies was abandoned on the roadside in a cardboard box by the BMI Icon Award. As a test of godliness. He passed.

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